Fairly Legal (USA) “Finale” Season 2 Episode 13 (Season Finale)

Fairly Legal “Finale” Season 2 Episode 13 airs on Friday June 15 at 9pm on USA. You can read all our coverage of Fairly Legal here.

Episode Synopsis: Kate digs deeper when a news station fires a lesbian couple for fraternizing in the workplace. Also, Kate must choose between Justin and Ben.

Show Summary: In the second season of “Fairly Legal,” feisty and engaging mediator Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) has a new conflict – and potential hot romance – on her hands in the form of the sharp, hustling, up-and-coming trial attorney Ben Grogan, played by new series regular Ryan Johnson.

Hired by managing partner Lauren Reed (Virginia Williams) to save the firm which is on the verge of collapse, Ben’s presence adds fuel to Kate’s already at-odds relationship with her same-aged stepmother and puts pressure on her relationship with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco). While Ben’s ambulance chasing ways represent everything Kate hates about lawyers, their sexual tension and chemistry is undeniable.

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  • Teresa

    USA has made a BIG mistake – this was a great show!!

  • Teresa

    USA has made a BIG mistake – this was a great show!!

  • SoSueMe

    Please can someone identify the white handbag (square with side zipper) that Lauren carries in the last several episodes?  Thank you

    • Dfreet5

      It looks similar to Kate Spade Mott Street Fisher.

  • Qswarriors

    Can someone Identify the song Kate played in her new apartment, when she started unpacking her stuff starting with bottle of wine

  • Barry

    Can someone tell me where I can purchase a white suit like the one that Lauren work in the last episode of Fairly Legal?

  • Dee

    what is the music in the last episode Kate was playing in her new apartment