Burn Notice “Scorched Earth” Advance Review – Can Michael Make it Without Fiona?

Cast from Burn Notice

– Will Michael Stay in Control?

In the season 6 premiere of Burn Notice, called “Scorched Earth,” we start off just seconds after last year’s finale left off. The repercussions of Fiona’s decision to turn herself in to the FBI can practically be seen happening minute by agonizing minute as she, Michael, and everyone else on Team Westen go through one very long day.

As you can imagine, having the love of his life taken from him (even if by her own hands) leaves Michael about as messed up as you would expect. It affects the other relationships in his life, even with his best friend, and there are some very tense scenes between Michael and Sam right at the beginning, and another near the end, that had me chomping on my nails. But luckily he is directing that anger where it belongs soon enough.

We’ve seen Michael kick plenty of ass on this show, but it’s not too often that we see him lose control. But in this episode, he’s – there’s no better word for it – pissed. And though it’s not the first time we’ve seen him pissed, usually when he is he’s in control of it. In this episode we see what it’s like when he loses some of that control; when he’s so mad that he’s ready to do almost anything to keep someone he loves safe. Even if it means possibly harming others that he loves to do it. If you thought you’ve seen Michael determined to get a job done before, it’s nothing compared to the headspace he’s in during this episode.

The object of Michael’s anger is of course Anson, who returns sans mustache, but is still just as much of a bastard as ever before. It’s good to see that some things never change and I did enjoy having him back as Michael’s foe.

Throughout all the intensity in this episode, I was happy to see that all those elements we’ve all come to know and love from this show were still there – the voiceovers from Michael explaining all the spy secrets, split screen to show the action in multiple places, lots of explosions and shoot-outs, plus plenty of one-liners from Sam. It’s that sort of stuff that made the fact that we were missing Fi just a bit more bearable. Not that there’s no Fi in this one at all. Just as Michael and the rest of the team are fighting battles outside, she’s fighting one of her own inside the FBI. Though there are no shootouts or explosions, some of Fi’s scenes are just as gripping as those happening with the rest of the team. All of it put together makes for one heck of a premiere.

My favorite (non-spoilery) bits..

Sam doing some awesome driving in the Charger.

Michael doing some awesome driving in a semi.

The fact that Maddie has apparently picked up a lot by having a son as a spy.

“Believe it or not, we’re the good guys.”

“I like the plan Mike, but you probably shouldn’t go anywhere looking like The Walking Dead.”

“You’re not gonna like the way this ends.”
“I’ll take my chances.”

Don’t forget to check out the season 6 premiere of Burn Notice tonight at 9/8C on USA Network. Once you’ve seen the episode, come back up here and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys!

  • Ljslgs70

    I’m excited to see the action unfold during season 6. The team just isn’t complete without Fi and I’m sure we are going to see the emotional Michael more than we ever have before. Also, I can’t imagine how the CIA and Mike minus Fi equation balances out…should be excellent as usual.

  • Karendipitee


    • ptjackson

       I think she meant Madeline, and sometimes that can be abbreviated to Maddie.

      Is it tonight yet?

    • Anonymous

      Blargh. Yes, Maddie. That was a typo. It’s been fixed.  :o)

  • ptjackson

    This was a great episode, for all the reasons you mentioned. I will be cheering the day that Michael finally triumphs over Anson – and you know that day will come! Oh, sweet, sweet victory…..

    I was a little worried there at the end, when it seemed like Fiona was about to buy the FBI’s lies about Michael – seriously, anyone that watches cop shows knows to never believe them!! Thankfully she saw her way straight at the last moment!