TNT’s Dallas (2012): Everything You Should Know About This New Series

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Tonight marks the return of Dallas to our little (well, not so little anymore) TV screens thanks to TNT’s revival of the series, which is in fact a continuation of the original focusing on the grown up children of JR and Bobby, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and John Ross (Josh Henderson).

To be perfectly honest, I know almost nothing of the original Dallas series, nor have I ever seen an episode of it. My knowledge extends to the fact that it was a series and that one of the controversial season cliffhangers involved the whole thing being a dream. And so when this new series came about, I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to get into it, but after watching the first seven episodes, I have to say it’s pretty addictive and probably the fact that I even stuck it out for seven episode is pretty telling of it addictiveness.

If you’ve never seen the original show and/or aren’t sure what to expect of this new version, all I can tell you is that it’s great summer entertainment with so much delicious conniving and backstabbing. There are quite a few characters that you’ll love to hate and thankfully there are plenty of characters to root for to balance the whole thing.

Dallas is just pure fun and I enjoyed the whole thing way more than I ever expected to. I actually care about these characters and what happens to them, so if you’re looking for a new show to satisfy your thirst for drama and entertainment, Dallas is it.

Recently the cast of the series took some time to answer questions about Dallas at a press event and I want to share some of the highlights of what was said and what you can expect from this new series.

They’re Back!

This might not mean much if you’re new to Dallas, but for fans of the original series, you might be happy to know that some of the original cast is back, that means Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy (and probably a few more and there that I didn’t recognize while watching the series).

When asked why he returned to this new Dallas series, Larry Hagman replied, “Actors can’t retire what would they do?.” In fact when he found out that Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray were signed up he said ok without even reading the script.

As to whether it was hard to to jump back into playing JR, Hagman simply responded, “Hell I know the character, he hadn’t changed any.”

But as I mentioned, JR is not the only one who’s back. Sue Ellen returns as well and because she has changed since the old days, Linda Gray shared that she had to do a lot of homework to figure out where she would be, why she would change, and what she would be doing with her new life.

And of course, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is back, and the rivalry between JR and Bobby is back on and better than ever. The actors themselves have lots of fun with it. Duffy shared that they are such good friends that they have lots of fun grabbing each other and threatening each other.

But Bobby’s health is not that great. Within the first few minutes of the pilot we learn that he has cancer, which will affect his character for most of the first season.

The Kids Are All Grown Up

As I mentioned, this new version of Dallas will focus of the grown up kids and Josh Henderson shared that he was very excited for the opportunity to play JR’s son. It was all about figuring out what type of person her would turn out to be with those parents.

So how is the relationship between John Ross and JR? Well Henderson explained that even though he might not always be able to trust his father, he learned from the best, he watched his father do it.

As for Christopher, Jesse Metcalfe explained that “he wants to live up to the person that Bobby is, but he’s conflicted.”

A New Love For Bobby

Apparently, in the original series Bobby was married to Pam, and it seems that these two were very loved by the fans.

But in this new Dallas, Bobby is now remarried to Ann Ryland (Brenda Strong). Patrick Duffy shared that he really loves the relationship between Ann and Bobby, he feels it’s a real relationship that they are portraying. He even went as far as saying that Ann “is the perfect wife for Bobby.”

But Ann is not just a side character, she has a dark past of her own which will slowly get peeled throughout the season. And while we won’t find out everything, Brenda Strong was told by the writers of the show that we would find out a lot more about Ann if the show is picked up for a second season.

A Love Triangle

A love triangles, don’t you love them? I sure do. And Dallas will be no different, so get ready to meet Elena (Jordana Brewster) who will come between the two boys, Christopher and John Ross.

But she’s not the only love interest. You’ll also meet Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo), Christopher’s bride to be, who has some secrets of her own.

What Happens Next?

This new version of Dallas is bound to please old and new fans. On the one hand it’s a whole new storyline which you can jump right in without knowing much about the old show. On the other hands, for fans of the original series, you get to see how the kids (who were in the original series) turned out.

So now that you know more about TNT’s Dallas, don’t forget to tune in tonight, June 13th at 9pm and watch the two hour series premiere.

Finally, to get you all up to date, TNT created a really great video that recaps the history of Dallas.

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