Supernatural Chat: 4 Wishes for Season 8

Supernatural Chat - 4 Wishes for Season 8

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With Supernatural’s hellatus well underway (sigh), I don’t know about you guys but my sights are starting to go towards next season. As Kelly talked about in her article last week Dean (and I like to think Cas didn’t leave him, so Cas too) is in quite the predicament. But beyond that, we know that eventually those two will get out and eventually we will get back to the boys hunting evil. With that in mind, I thought I’d talk about a few of my wishes for next season.

I want my Baby back

Supernatural - Impala - Back in Black

Yeah sure, I know we saw her for a grand total of about 60 seconds in the season 7 finale but call me crazy if the sight of Baby crashing into Dick Roman’s offices didn’t quite satisfy me after missing her all year. I know that last season was all about taking away those things (and people) that the boys had grown to depend on, but I hope next season is about putting it all back together again.

As we all know, Baby isn’t just transportation for the Winchesters, she’s their home. She’s the one stable influence they’ve had their entire lives. Yes she probably means a bit more to Dean than she does to Sam, but I’m betting that things will feel more right in his world too when she’s back.

One big bad

Supernatura - Azazel

When I read Kelly’s article last week, I had to smile because one of the things that I’ve been saying to myself is that we need another awesome bad guy (or gal, as the case may be). Dick Roman was a pretty good bad guy, but somehow I didn’t feel his presence as much as I felt like the Winchester were battling ALL the Leviathans.

I keep thinking back to the first couple seasons and how awesome it was to have a baddie like Yellow Eyes (aka Azazel), so it’s funny that Kelly mentioned him in her article. I was just thinking that we needed someone of that caliber but if her theory is right… How cool would it be if Azazel himself came back? Either way though, I hope that we get one big bad next season; not a whole group of them.

More Sheriff Mills

Supernatural (CW) Weekend at Bobby's

The boys need more female influences in their lives and I really like the vibe that they have going with Sheriff Mills. She’s got kind of an older sisterly quality about her and the guys don’t seem to mind it when she takes care of them. They’ve been through a lot and I think they need someone like her around to help out sometimes.

Plus, I just plain selfishly want to see another chick on the show. Why should only the guys have all the fun beating up demons and fighting monsters? When a lady joins the fray I feel like I can live vicariously through her.

Will the real Castiel please step forward?

SUPERNATURAL (CW) My Bloody Valentine

If you’ve read any of my articles up here at all, then this point probably came as no surprise. Yes I want Castiel back, but no I don’t necessarily want him in the form we saw him for the last few episodes of season 7. Sure that goofy guy was good for a few laughs, and sure I was happy to see him in almost any form after he was gone all season, but let’s get the real guy back shall we?

My personal theory is that Cas most certainly did not leave Dean stranded in Purgatory. I think he went looking for a way out or was pulled away by something out of his control. I really hope this is true because it could mean that the real Cas may be back. You know, the one who actually fights to protect the people that he cares about. That’s the Cas I still miss.


So there they are, four wishes that I have for Supernatural’s eighth (wow, can you believe we’ve come this far??) season. What about you folks? Got any wishes for season eight yourselves? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!