Storage Wars “The Iceman Carveth” Review

Storage Wars Season 3

(Editor’s Note: Following is the review for the first episode of tonight’s two-part Storage Wars block, “The Iceman Carveth”. You can check my page at for the review of the second episode.)

Storage Wars returned tonight with the third episode of the season, “The Iceman Carveth”. The buyers make the long drive to Airport Self Storage in beautiful Oxnard, California, and we get right into some major drama. After seeing Darrell be a huge jerk to Brandon last week, I thought maybe it was just a fluke. Maybe Darrell was in a bad mood? Or maybe he just got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning? Nope. He’s just turned into a major jerk.

It’s possible that Darrell feels like he needs some kind of “hook”. Dave is the villain, Barry’s the fan favorite, and Jarrod and Brandi have the bickering couple routine. Darrell tried to be fan favorite, but Barry is way more likable. He’s tried to do the bickering thing with Brandon, but Brandon comes off more likable than he does. Now it appears he’s going full-tilt villain, and might soon surpass the infamous Dave Hester as the meanest person on the show.

Nothing about the guy made sense today. He was constantly angry at Brandon for making him drive all the way to Oxnard, when I happen to know that he’s driven farther for an auction in the past. He teases Barry by trying to duplicate his bidding style, but it just comes off petty and childish. Finally, he got angry at Brandon when he didn’t win anything, even though he was very close to winning the first two lockers. At least Dave has the whole “love to hate” thing going for him, and at least he’s successful. I suppose it’s karma that Darrell left empty handed.

As for the rest of the crew, Barry spent $900 on a farmer unit with a window. Everybody’s favorite bidder ended up finding some ice carving tools and Hot Wheels for a total selling price of $1,700. I was genuinely surprised how much the old tools sold for, but it was good to see him come out ahead.

Dave made his first purchase of the season in a big way, spending $4,100 on a locker full of trunks and an old sewing machine. He ended up finding an antique bronze statue worth $3,500, and appraised the room a total of $11,050!

Jarrod won a contractors/boating unit for $1,800. I’m not sure why Brandi was so mad about it, as I thought I heard them agree on a $2,000 cap. Either way, he ended up selling the unit for $4,430 by appraising some old boating equipment.

Barry: $3,270
Darrell: $4,140
Dave: $6,950
Jarrod & Brandi: $3,725

Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody else think it’s a little weird that we don’t hear anything from Dave Jr.? He’s been to every auction this season, and you’d think he’d have a lot of interesting insight to share, being the son of the great Dave Hester. It’s just strange how we get so much air time with Brandon, and none from this guy.

– Did anybody else think that the stain on the mattress in Barry’s unit and the presence of the adult diapers was more than a coincidence?

– I love how they play a rip-off version of the Imperial March from Star Wars whenever they show Hesters trucks.