Storage Wars “Here’s Looking at You, Kenny” Review

(Editor’s Note: Following is the review for the second episode of tonight’s two-part Storage Wars block, “Here’s Looking at You, Kenny”. You can check my page at for the review of the first episode.)

Storage Wars continued it’s two-episode block tonight with the much more interesting “Here’s Looking at You, Kenny”. The buyers all cruise over to StorAmerica in the small town of Hawaiian Gardens, California. Hawaiian Gardens is actually the smallest city in Los Angeles county, so it looks like they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of cities to visit at this point. No offense to anybody living in Hawaiian Gardens or anything.

After taking a little look at Jarrod and Brandi’s balance sheets, we get to an interesting development: Darrell and Brandon have split up! I criticized Darrell in the last few reviews for mistreating Brandon, so maybe it’s for the best that they split up for this one. It’s possible that the producers are telling Darrell to do this as they feel he’s coming off too mean, or maybe he they really did decide on it together.

After seeing the Sheets boys split up, we get right to the auctions. First off, Barry spent $850 on a unit with a bunch of boxes. He brought along Kenny, who Storage Wars fans might remember as the quick-witted worker who helped Barry open his stuck locker door in season two. He ended up making his money back by finding…well, money! That’s right, the locker was full of quarters and foreign currency, and the guy ended up making $542.07 back in loose change alone! This leads me to a recurring question that I always ask myself while watching this show: How on earth do people leave this stuff in their lockers? It makes sense that you stop paying for your storage unit because you don’t know that the statue or painting or whatever is worth anything, but it’s another thing altogether to just store money!

Jarrod spent $1,350 on a unit with nice furniture. Nothing too interesting happened here, except that Jarrod and Brandi ended up losing even more money. I did appreciate that Brandi called Jarrod out on his over-pricing of the beat up furniture. Sometimes people will slap a huge price tag on a piece of crappy merchandise, and it’ll make me yell from my seat! Who would spend that much money on that piece of junk! Kudos to Brandi for realizing that normal people don’t spend 800 bucks on a beat up dresser.

Darrell spent $1,050 on a unit full of household items, and ended up making $4,050 by selling a pricy piece of diving equipment. It’s definitely not as fun to see Darrell work without Brandon, so here’s hoping they’ll get back together for future episodes.

Barry: $3,812 (I’m rounding down the $542.07)
Darrell: $7,320
Dave: $6,950
Jarrod & Brandi: $3,605

Random Thoughts:

– It always bothers me when people like Dave or Darrell just round up the value of their units without going through it at all. Today Darrell just looks back into his locker full of crap and says he’s tripled his money. What?! How?! I wish we

– Does anybody else think it’s a bit weird that Brandi and Jarrod have their likenesses painted on the windows of their shop?

– Hey, it looks like Jarrod is actually wearing flannel shirts in his interviews now! They’re still Outlaw Apparel branded, but hey! It’s a step up!