New at TV Equals: “Supernatural Thursdays” is now “Supernatural Chat”

Supernatural (CW) There Will Be Blood

Hey folks! Now that the summer hellatus is underway and we have four (ugh!) months until the season 8 premiere of Supernatural, we decided to change things up a bit with our “Supernatural Thursdays” column.

First up, we’ve changed the name of the column from “Supernatural Thursdays” to “Supernatural Chat.” Our original name coincided with the day of the week that we published the articles every week (Thursday), which was always a day before Supernatural aired here in the US.

But now that the CW has changed their airing schedule and moved Supernatural to Wednesday nights, we wanted to keep running the column a day before they air – which will mean posting them on Tuesdays. So rather than change the name to “Supernatural Tuesdays” (and run the risk of needing to change it again if the CW moved the show again) we settled on “Supernatural Chat” instead. We think the new name better describes what our column is all about – chatting about Supernatural.

If you’d like to know how this column got started, please check out our introductory post for information on myself and my wonderful co-writer Kelly. We’re here every week to talk about Supernatural: including commentary articles about the show, lists of our favorite moments/characters, discussions about the Supernatural fandom, reports from Supernatural conventions and much more!

Our first article under the Supernatural Chat is up today, be sure to check it out and leave comments. We love hearing from you guys!