Franklin & Bash “Viper” Review – Super Heroes and Moms Make for a Fun Combo

Franklin & Bash Viper Season 2 Episode 2

In tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash, called “Viper,” the boys defend a real-life super hero. Well sorta. Sean Astin guest stars as Viper, a parking ticket enforcer by day and a super hero by night. When a man is killed during one of Viper’s pursuits, the boys have to prove that the man in the tights and cape did not actually kill the bad guy. Funny since that’s usually what’s supposed to happen in any super hero movie that I’ve seen. What they end up proving is that Viper didn’t kill the creep, but he also wasn’t as much of a hero as he was scared for his life. Poor guy.

Meanwhile, things are getting pretty hot and heavy between Peter and Officer Wendy. Well, that is until Peter’s mom (played wonderfully by the beautiful Jane Seymour) drops in for a visit. Turns out she may have been scammed out of her home and needs help from (gasp!) Karp to get it back. Having Peter’s mom in this episode was great. Colleen stole every scene she was in tonight and I for one hope that we see her back again.

Though I have to say that I was sort of relieved when Karp got Colleen her house back and she moved out of the boys’ place. I mean it’s not nearly as much fun to picture either of them running around naked and having wild parties if someone’s mom is there. Just sayin’.

My favorite bits..

Glad to see Peter and Officer Wendy are getting along so well.

“You have some sucking to do.” – …..nah, too easy. I’m gonna let that one slide.

Three words – Indoor Marco Polo.

“I’ll call you later Mom. No planking.”

Sean Astin! Yes! Love him!

“THAT is a costume. THIS is a uniform.”

The boys looking dumbfounded when Viper ran off.

Jared coming behind Peter to scare the bejeezus out of him as he looked over the roof.

The unique way Pindar chose to prove that he was NOT part of a cult abduction.

“Third base. Hello.” – Oh poor Peter. That is not something you want to know about your mom.

“Really? What if I’d ignored you every time you wanted to suckle my breasts?” – She kinda has a point.

Jared offering to let Colleen move in. Oh boy.

That conversation between Karp and Colleen on the couch. She’s not even my mom and I felt like I wanted to run out of the room screaming with my hands over my ears.

“I’ve got eight pounds of meat.”
“…too easy.” – Haha! Yep, sometimes you gotta just let them go.

“Not aliens, Peter.”

Pindar’s reaction to Meghan walking in the room.

Finding out that Pindar’s new BFF was in fact a bit of a loon herself.

The boys walking in on Peter’s mom, and his girlfriend, drinking.

“Colleen what do you say we hit the jacuzzi?”
“I mean what do you say we make some of your famous brownies.” – Anyone else wondering if those brownies are gonna be of the, ahem, “funny” variety?

Peter barely being able to get out a “thank you” after Karp helped his mom.

“FDR was a bed wetter.”
“FDR had polio.”
“Oh. My bad.”

Jared getting Viper to admit the truth about what happened. Aw, poor Viper.

Jared’s little “I couldn’t, but I would” thing as Jane walked away.

Finding out that Infeld is afraid of flutes. Can’t say I blame him. Those things are pretty scary.

I’m so with Jared. Gold Magnet IS awesome.

“There he is, the future Attorney General.”
“And Peter.”

Peter getting a booty call….from his mom.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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