Nurse Jackie “Are Those Feathers” Review

Nurse Jackie Are Those Feathers? Season 4 Episode 9 (10)

I enter this week’s episode with one question on my mind: What will Mike Cruz do next? His cold firings of the staff from All Saints Hospital was downright invigorating. When I’m eventually fired by my editors here, I hope they can do as cool as he did it.

What came out as a result is one of the finer episodes that I have seen of Nurse Jackie. The thing that Nurse Jackie does exceedingly well is take darker tones like death (both literal and metaphorical) and spin it into comedy. In order to accomplish that goal this week, they turned to a lot of the old favorites (with small twists) that we have come to enjoy over the past few years. The show always functions better when it operates as a workplace comedy. The outside stuff like Kevin, the divorce, and rehab can effectively add to the drama, but they never can replace it. Watching Jackie and the wacky cast of characters do their thing in the hospital is always a joy.

Coop’s endless optimism and goofiness returned to the fore this week, but in a far endearing way than we are used to seeing from him. It used to work against the good intentions of the hospital, but Coop’s frustration with Cruz and his feeling of kinship towards the pregnant O’Hara lead him to work with Jackie to stage her mini coup. We even got the return of the inappropriate breast grab! I had forgotten how funny that could be, and how well Jackie has learned to handle it.

Oh yeah, the mini coup. Jackie getting rid of Cruz so she could run the floor was some old school Jackie Peyton stuff. It’s good to remind the viewers every now and then why we are supposed to like the lying, manipulative drug addict. The patients wil always come first with Jackie no matter the cost. Judging from next week’s previews, the costs could be great.

Only one episode left. What is everyone hoping for out of the finale?

  • Anonymous

    The show had an edge once, but it’s lost. Now it reminds me of the 70’s Lear brainwashers like all in the family, these doctors and nurses are never working, all the patients need some kind of social justice. Jackie can be as wicked as she wants but if she pulls the oxygen off a republican then you get laughs, color, gender all the usual stereotypes. The British doctor who hasn’t treated a patient this season has a mushmouth delivery , can never understand her, the nerd doctor who hasn’t treated a patient this season is totally useless, dare i say Falco is not a pretty woman and shes not believable……have you ever been to an ER? Spent any time in a hospital? This show stinks now.

    • Anonymous

      I certainly see your point, but I don’t think of it as a hospital drama.  When it’s at its best, it’s a workplace comedy.  Because of everything that is going on in Jackie’s personal life, we’ve seen less and less of that kind of thing.  Still, Falco, Faccinelli, and whoever that woman is who plays Zoey have all been pretty good this year.

      Clearly this show isn’t what you’re looking for anymore.  When that happens, it’s time to move on. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read that Jackie got picked up for a fifth season. And that an entirely new writing team is taking over, the Dexter people. I’ve never seen an episode of Dexter. I think what happened here is that these writers had a “tone” problem. They don’t know whether to make it edgy of warm and cozy, like zoey’s scrubs…..the tone is wandering, the whole flirtatiation between coop and Ohara is going nowwhere…..are they going to marry at the end? Bringing the father and son had some edge but that went nowhere too, and somehow I never really see what happens to a patient, one patient hurt his genitals. It was a wisecrack, what happened to him? Cruz saved a foot, what happened to him, now Buscemis brother is back as god, what’s that about? This is 30 minutes of valuable Hollywood real estate and it’s going to the friends of the producers, so now it’s facts of life, good times, that’s my momma, Jefferson’s, get my drift?

        • Adam Newland

          Well, then. For the record, I’m not sure the Dexter people are going to make any better. I’ve certainly taken issue with their writing over the past few years. I don’t think Coop and O’Hara is a flirtation. He’s a weirdo, but a nice dude. He’s just trying to help. He may make moves on her, but I don’t think that’s going anywhere.

          I don’t think I agree with the tonal issue. At it’s core, I think Nurse Jackie is a show that attempts to find humor in everyday, and often morbid, situations. When the hospital is the center, it works well. When we go outside of it, it can get murky.

          Also, you lost me with the back half of the final sentence. Good talk, though.