Rookie Blue “A Good Shoot” Review

Rookie Blue A Good Shoot Season 3 Episode 3
In this week’s episode of Rookie Blue, “A Good Shoot,” poor Epstein went into a convenience store for licorce and ended up killing a would-be teenage robber. Fortunately, his fellow rookies all believed his story, despite the initial evidence to the contrary. There is a certain appeal to the brotherhood of cops, but for once I’d like to see a show where someone besides IA (or its Canadian equivalent) has doubts, even if the cop in question is as cute and sweet as Epstein.

Complicating matters was the fact that the police are on alert during a neighborhood basketball tournament; when it was revealed that a kid has been shot and killed by a cop, tensions mounted and a fight broke out. This was the one part that felt the most real to me; cops really do act like that and people really do lash out.

As for the investigation, at first no gun is found near the shot kid, which seemed to indicate that Epstein was either lying to cover his butt or mistook something like a phone for a gun. IA jumped to the automatic conclusion that he’d come looking for the kid specifically, on some sort of unknown vendetta. I love how even in another country IA is portrayed as being total and complete judgmental jerks. The automatic assumption is always that they’re out to betray their fellow cops; it’s never, ever assumed that they’re there to protect the integrity of the department.

Luckily for Epstein, Nash is eager to prove herself worthy of a six-month detective training rotation, and she quickly figures out that there must have been someone else at the scene, a friend of the victim’s who somehow removed the gun in the aftermath of the shooting. Even more luckily for Epstein, the kid’s mother gave up the name and address of her son’s friend, and the stupid kid hadn’t ditched the gun. That’s a lot of lucky coincidences, but did we really want to see Epstein go away for murder? It’s much more fun to see him torture himself for the next few episodes.

On the personal front, Peck still has Collins on a short leash; not sure where they’re going with that relationship. I’m not sensing a lot of…okay, any chemistry between them. Also, Best was trying to keep Williams at the station to protect the baby, but in the grand tradition of “strong” women, she insisted on going out into the field. To my happy surprise, she got spooked by the near riot that followed the kid’s shooting, and ended up putting herself on desk duty for the rest of the pregnancy. Finally!! Something a real expectant mother would do!!

The season’s off to an okay, if possibly a little slow start. Here’s hoping things pick up soon.

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