Fairly Legal (USA) “Force Majeure” Review – What Happened to the Spark?

Fairly Legal (USA) Force Majeure

Okay folks, I’m gonna be honest and tell you right up front that this is not going to be an easy review for me. Tonight’s episode of Fairly Legal, called “Force Majeure,” is unfortunately my least favorite yet. I can’t say that I hated it, but it just was just sort of…..I don’t know, blah. Not fantastic and not horrible either. Heck if it was horrible at least I could come up here and scream and holler but I don’t feel energetic enough about it to do that.

First up, the legal storyline – about a woman who is falsely accused of possessing drugs – didn’t do a whole heck of a lot for me. Lauren’s storyline didn’t do much for me either, though I have a strong suspicion that’s probably because I really had my heart set on Tahmoh Penikett returning to be her love interest.

But I think what really did it for me is the fact that Kate and Justin mostly bore me now. I hate to say it, but after her behavior to Ben (and Justin) recently, I don’t like Kate as much as I used to and, well, unfortunately I’ve kind of stuck Justin in the same box with her. These days I’m only liking scenes with Leo and Ben in them and those were few and far between tonight. The love triangle thing is pretty interesting, but we didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of that either, unless you count the last few minutes when Kate and Ben were listening to the same song.

Next week is the finale though, so I’m really hopeful that things get popping again. So far I’ve been enjoying this season and I’m thinking that there’s going to be some good stuff coming up for us next week. I truly hope so because I really don’t like writing reviews for episodes that don’t totally rock my socks.

Believe it or not, I did enjoy a few scenes and yes, I do have some favorite bits.

My favorite bits..

“I like pleasantries, Benedict.”
“Cute top.”

Leo tricking Kate into looking at a car website. That was so not cool. One does not promise nekkid pics of a cute guy and then not deliver.

“Oh, you’re the lawyers Hugo warned me about.”
“Oh god no, I’m mostly human.”

Kate getting Justin to go to the party by pointing out that he was so close to being cool.

Kate and Justin trying to explain their complicated relationship.

“You’re the criminal and drugs guy.”
“That doesn’t sound flattering.”

Kate and Ben babbling over why they didn’t need to go talk to Claudia together, and Lauren kicking them out like a mom yelling at squabbling siblings.

Ben pointing out that what happened wasn’t Kate’s fault.

“We’re you and Ben.”
“Huh.from your lips to my imagination.” – He mumbled that so perfectly.

“I was being nice, don’t treat me like a fool.” – Yes! Go Ben!

Ben pointing out that the DA was going to treat Claudia like a person who blew up an orphanage field trip to an animal shelter. Ouch, that’s pretty bad.

“You hate the system. Get that. I don’t.” – Hm, interesting. I never looked at it like that before.

Kate pointing out to Lauren that saying she was dating Robin Archer was akin to bragging. Yep, kinda.

Thinking Kate totally had a point about the one time she got Justin to loosen up, the cops show up. Worst luck ever.

Finding it interesting that Ben suggested the bassist did it. Because I totally had that thought the moment they found the stuff in Claudia’s purse.

Smacking myself on the forehead because I *finally* figured out where I knew Barber from – he played Trip on Star Trek: Enterprise! Duh!

Justin getting personal with Barber.

“That idea makes bad ideas feel better.” – LOL!

“So you do care what I think.”
“Only when you’re wrong.”

Ben calling Justin ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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