Supernatural Thursdays – On The Topic Of Dean’s Predicament

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How’s everyone doing with Supernatural being done for the season? Going through withdrawals yet? I pretty much am. I thought we’d talk today about Dean’s (for lack of a better word) situation from the end of season seven.

For those of you that are not caught up with Supernatural, this article is going to be full of spoilers, so please, I beg you, stop reading. Right now. Consider this a warning. There be spoilers in these paragraphs!

Now that I have my bases covered with that, let’s talk about Dean.

When we left Dean he was stuck in purgatory and it seemed like Castiel had flown the coop and left him alone. Personally, I think Cas is just sort of looking for a way out, but who knows? Cas wasn’t himself in the last few episodes so he really could have abandoned Dean. Regardless, Dean is stuck in purgatory. Alone.

Now, from the Supernatural mythology, we know that purgatory is where monsters go when they’re killed. They don’t have a place in heaven or hell so they’re stuck between the two worlds. I’ve been seeing a lot of theories flying around about what this means for Dean and the things that he’s going to encounter. If we go with the logic and the world that the writers have laid out for us, Dean is going to be around every demon, monster, creature, spirit, etc. that he and Sam have killed. This could lead to bad news for our oldest Winchester.

That said, I sort of hope Dean is stuck in purgatory for a bit. It would make an incredibly interesting story line to see everything that he encounters; not to mention old enemies from the Winchester’s pasts. I mean, Uriel and Zachariah have to want a piece of Dean after all the trouble he caused the pair of them. Not to mention that he actually killed Zachariah… so there have to be some hard feelings there.

Aside from some pissed off angels there’s vampire Gordon. You remember him – Sam offed him by beheading him with some barbed wire and his bare hands. Eve could make an appearance, and even yellow eyes himself. Now that is an interesting thought. What if the story circles back to the beginning with Dean coming face to face with Azazel yet again, but this time on the demon’s home turf?

So many different possibilities are options as far as the things that Dean could run into… and will have to run away from. Aside from the scary things that Dean will come across, there are also a few angels that may actually want to see him lurking around purgatory as well. What about Gabriel? Or Anna? Could they be the ones that will help Dean get back to the land of the living? It’s a theory that I’ve been hearing and one that I find extremely interesting.

The other hypothesis that’s been kicking around Tumblr is that out of all the characters that we’ve seen on Supernatural there’s one in the form of a small ten year old boy that is just powerful enough to open Purgatory and pull Dean out.

I’m talking, of course, about Jesse. Half demon, half human, Castiel called him the anti-Christ. To fans, he’s a story line that never got the resolution that he should have. With Jesse being all powerful and able to send himself to wherever to keep his family safe, and being strong enough to fight a demon with his mind – what other person, creature, whatever could save Dean? Not only would he be a perfect fit, but it would give Jesse closure to his story line, which I think we can all agree needs to be done.

With these theories flying around, I’m curious to hear what you have to say about Dean’s fate in purgatory. Will he run into monsters? Will his victims seek revenge? Would Jesse be able to save him? I want to hear from you in comments below!

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