True Blood Season 5 – What’s Your Fantasy?

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On Sunday, Game of Thrones bid an awesome adieu to its second season and although it will be truly missed from my television viewing schedule, the return of True Blood is a pretty sweet consolation prize. The waiting sucks a little less as we get closer to Sunday night’s premiere. In anticipation of our return to Bon Temps – the small Louisiana town with a bevy of fantasy figures including vampires, shape shifters, a maenad and faeries – I’ve come up with my Season 5 fantasy wish list.


As a Law & Order: SVU fan, I was devastated when I learned that Christopher Meloni left the show. I’ve loved Meloni since his days on Oz, so it was great to learn that not only had he gotten a new gig (along with the new Superman movie), but he was returning to HBO. Nice.

True Blood never has a shortage of exciting guest stars so I hope that Meloni becomes more than an underutilized addition to an already huge cast. After all, the vampire world is in disarray. Fresh off of Marnie’s madness, Bill and Eric must now face some inevitable comeuppance from the evil, charismatic and newly resurrected Russell Eddgington. It would be easy to question the decision not to deal him the true death during Season 3 but a character so entertaining and sinister needed a chance to come back for one more round of madness. Eric and Bill will also have to answer for the true death of Nan Flanagan, which is where Meloni will step in on behalf of The Authority. Hopefully the men will realize that with a foe like Eddgington, they need all the strength they can get in numbers.


A wise man once said, “it ain’t no fun, if the homies can’t have none.” I concur. Season after season, we’ve watched every hot, available man in Bon Temps pine after Sookie Stackhouse. Now that we know more about her faerie ancestry, it at least explains her vampire suitors but was it really necessary to have Alcide crushing over her too?!?!

With all the supernatural occurrences, death and drama, relationships really aren’t that necessary to the show. My wish is that from here on out, no more suitors for Sookie. Enough!


True Blood
As previously mentioned, True Blood has a huge, talented cast and each season I reach a point where I find myself exclaiming from my couch – “there is too much going on here!” We lose Nan Flanagan, Marnie, Tommy and Jesus Velasquez and gain Chris Meloni’s new character, Russell Eddgington and countless new wolves, faeries, town folk . . . you get the point.

In an interview with, Rutina Wesley confirmed that she will return for Season 5, so we can’t count out her return as a vampire. She could also pay Lafayette a visit but wouldn’t that be cruel after losing Jesus? That aside, it’s time for some characters to bite the dust or move on to another quiet, southern town. As part of this wish, I hope that we never, ever see HotShot, Crystal or another incestuous werepanther on True Blood. No mas!


Next to Tara, Sam has been one of the unluckiest characters on True Blood. Between having the world’s worst parents, losing a brother (who was pretty awful most of the time), having the most unreliable wait staff and helping to get rid of a maenad, it is time for Sam to catch a break! I’m only cautiously optimistic about his new relationship and frankly, I think he’s due more than some loving.


TRUE BLOOD I Wish I Was the Moon Season 4 Episode 6
When it was announced that werewolves were joining True Blood I was excited. When I saw that Joe Manganiello was chosen as Alcide, I was titillated thought he was a perfect choice. Alcide’s story lines, however, have not been that exciting. With Marcus and Debbie out of the way, I’m ready to see Alcide lead his pack and get a compelling story line.


So that’s my wish list, what are your wishes and fantasies for Season 5 of True Blood?