TRON: Uprising (Disney XD) Interviews: Mandy Moore, Bruce Boxleitner and Nate Corddry

tron uprising nate corddry mandy moore
If you are a TRON fan, you might have already heard of Disney XD’s new animated series, TRON: Uprising, and if you haven’t yet, stop everything you’re doing and watch the prequel episode “Beck’s Beginning” here now.

Now that we’re all on the same page in terms of how amazing this series looks, it’s time to get ready for the series premiere tomorrow, Thursday June 7th at 9pm on Disney XD. The series follows the heroic journey of a new TRON character, a young program named Beck, who becomes the unlikely leader of a revolution. The story takes place between the 1982 feature film and the most recent movie TRON: Legacy.

TV Equals recently attended a fun press event for the series, along with other journalists, and got a chance to talk to the entire voice cast about the show. We previously shared our interviews with Elijah Wood, Tricia Helfer and Emmanuelle Chriqui here, and now it’s time to hear from Mandy Moore (“Mara”), Bruce Boxleitner (reprising the role of Tron) and Nate Corddry (“Zed”). As you can tell, they are very enthusiastic about the series.

Don’t forget that TRON: Uprising premieres tomorrow at 9pm on Disney XD. And keep an eye out for more interviews to come.