6 Silly Questions TV Characters Recently Asked

6 Silly Questions TV Characters Ask

Have you ever been watching a TV show and heard a character ask what occurs to you is a really silly question? Sometimes these questions border on the rhetorical, and usually they are not answered, but they typically make me laugh when asked, especially when they are delivered in what to me is a serious tone, or during a tense, dramatic exchange.

Yes, I am aware that likely the writers are purposely trying to add some levity to a tense scene, and I will cut them some slack, but still, see if you agree with me about these silly questions asked on some of my favorite TV programs.

Eureka – “Should I ask you why you happened to build an adaptive waveform force field?”

Jack and Zane - Eureka

This line exemplifies a category of question asked in movies and TV shows where scientists are always wreaking havoc with their inventions and devices. Clearly it is meant to be rhetorical, but, um, duh, Zane (the scientist in question) is a brilliant scientist, and therefore he designs and builds stuff. It was fortunate that his latest unauthorized project just happened to be exactly what they needed to save the day.

Perhaps a better question might be “May I ask how you knew we would need this exact device to save Eureka from being destroyed by incoming missiles?” Now that one might not make me laugh.

NCIS – “Something wrong boss?”

Tony and Tim - NCIS

As any fan of NCIS knows, Gibbs has a Spidey sense stronger than Spiderman! The minute he begins acting cautious, or looking around warily, my first instinct would not be to ask him this question, but rather to hit the dirt! Then maybe, from my prone position, I would ask him if something was amiss.

In fact, in this particular instance, I noticed that Gibbs was acting strange way before the team did, since they were busy bantering with each other. Now, I certainly do not want the banter to stop – I love it! – but definitely once they noticed how Gibbs was acting, they should not have wasted time asking him if there were something wrong – I know I would not!

Grimm – “Then isn’t it about time you tell me?”

Nick and Juliette - Grimm

I classify this under the category of “be careful what you ask for,” because on TV it seems that knowing the truth often leads to bad things. A lot of times, when one character is withholding information, especially from a loved one, it is to protect that person. So, when the person in the dark demands the truth, well, it usually does not end well.

Of course, it may be that I have never been in a situation where information is being withheld to protect me, since I certainly do not lead as interesting a life as the characters on the TV shows I watch, but honestly, if someone I loved and trusted told me that it was best – for my own safety – that I not know the answer to my question, I do not think I would force the issue!

Eureka – “Can you let me do one last thing?”

Jo and Henry - Eureka

Ah, yes, another silly question, since when *ever* have you seen someone who asked this question actually be allowed to finish whatever it is they are doing? No matter that the task being pursued will: a) save the world, b) save the life of someone important, c) save the town/spaceship/super secret facility, or d) prevent an alien/monster invasion.

Seriously, is it really better to allow the world to be destroyed? Would it actually hurt to give the character an additional 30 seconds? In my opinion, the answer to the latter is no.

Lost Girl – “Why are you half-naked?”

Kenzi and Dyson - Lost Girl

Bo, Bo, Bo, seriously? You really need to ask this question? Have you actually looked at Dyson (the shirtless hunk in this case)? I mean, you and he have, well, gotten it on, so of course you have, therefore please have some consideration for us fan girls who certainly appreciate the view, and cut us a break, ok?

And, now for the corollary question, “What’s with the beefcake?” Again, Bo, what’s up with you my friend? Frankly, I do not hear guy characters ask why a female character has her “assets” bulging and almost spilling out from her shirt. Equal time, that’s all I am asking!

Alcatraz – You agreed, without a plan?”

Full cast - Alcatraz

As I mourn the cancellation of this show, this line makes me smile. How many times do the heroes of a TV program rush forward without a plan and still manage to triumph? Of course in real life, not having a plan for a dangerous job dealing with criminals often will result in death and destruction, but fortunately on TV, things do tend to work out well in the end.

Now, in all fairness, I must also mention the fact that even on shows where careful planning is employed – for instance on Burn Notice, NCIS: Los Angeles, etc. – the actual implementation of said plan does not always go right, heck, it never seems to go as planned, ok? But, that forces the heroes to fly by the seat of their pants, so I think it is worth it to add excitement to the show.


So, what do you think of my list of silly questions? Have you heard any of them? Do you have any you would like to add? I would love to hear your thoughts and your additions, so please let me know in the comment section below!