Tonight = Cartoon Network Mania: ‘Total Drama Revenge of the Island’ and ‘Level Up’

Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Tonight is the time for some exciting programming on Cartoon Network. First at 7:30pm is the premiere of Total Drama Revenge of The Island, the new season of the Survivor-like cartoon, followed by a brand new episode of Level Up at 8pm.

Let’s first talk about Total Drama Revenge of the Island. I discovered this show a few seasons ago through a friend and have been a fan ever since. It’s so funny and crazy, that it’s a great way for me to relax and be entertainment for half an hour. And always come up with the most outrageous situations to put their characters into. It’s like Survivor on steroid but for kids, what’s not to love?

This new season, we are introduced to 13 new contestants competing for the chance to win one million dollars. And where are they sent you ask? On a toxic island that is the home of some interesting creatures, including a cute pink bunny that is not as innocent as it looks (you’ll meet it in tonight’s episode).

Total Drama Revenge of The Island starts off with a fun new episodes and while you might miss some of the old contestants if you are a fan of the show, there are plenty new ones to be excited about. I already have a few favorites, including one who keeps a really unusual secret that would lead to some interesting situations.

And if you haven’t see this series before, but the premise sounds like fun to you, make sure you tune in because it could very well become your new addiction.

level up episode 115

But that’s only the beginning of the evening. Level Up is also back tonight (yay!) and you might already know of my love for this show, but this episode is also one of my favorites. Titled “Acid Spitting Mini Dragon,” the episode focuses on a new leak which happens to be (you guessed it) a cute mini dragon, who also happens to be pretty deadly, mostly because of the whole acid spitting thing.

But that’s only part of the story. Tonight we also meet Angie’s little brother Joaquin, who turns out is super smart, which makes Wyatt go a little crazy. It’s really fun to watch. Also I think Joaquin could be a fun recurring character to the show, there is definitely a fun interaction between him and the boys.

To recap, mini acid spitting dragons + Angie’s genius brother, what more can we ask for this new episode of Level Up?!

Don’t forget, the fun starts at 7:30pm tonight, June 5th on Cartoon Network!

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