Franklin & Bash “Strange Brew” Review – The Boys Are Back and The Stakes Are Higher

Franklin & Bash Strange Brew 2012 Season 2 Premiere

In the season 2 premiere of Franklin & Bash (called “Strange Brew”), the boys are back to doing what they do best – representing clients in that unique way that is just so.them.

This time though, the stakes are even higher than normal when Infeld tells them that he’s thinking of making them full partners. The guys immediately start thinking of ways to spend the money, but it’s not as simple as that. First they have to convince two-thirds of the firm to vote them in and in order to do that; they need to land a very lucrative client. All seems to go well until (of course) something goes wrong and their client (of course) gets arrested.

Once again, they manage to pull a rabbit out of their hats and win the case. Trouble is, the client isn’t happy and wants them to take it to the next level. I was so happy to see that they refused and were willing to give up everything to avoid ruining an innocent woman’s life. The best part was that the client agreed with them and kept them on as his attorneys. Talk about a win-win.

Meanwhile, Carmen helps Pindar through some personal issues, giving us a chance to see a little more into his character. Plus we had Hanna and Karp working in the background, trying to get the boys kicked out of the firm just like they always do. Overall a fun start to the second season, which has me itching for more.

My favorite bits..

“No, no it’s okay – he’s a surfer!”

The look on Jared’s face when the guard brought out his gun.

The boys’ excitement over Jared almost getting shot.

The boys’ heads immediately going to Super Bowl Party when told that they were being considered as full partners in the firm.

“Muffins, really?”
“NO!” – It is bad that I totally believed him for a second, too?

“Is there something wrong with him?”
“….it’s debatable.”

Peter shutting Jared up before he even had a chance to say anything after the pretty cop jogged off.

Peter telling Jared to be cool about the helicopter..before they both ran off squealing like little girls to get in it.

“There’s a peacock in our house right now!!!”
“His name is Douglas. Shhhhh..”

Jared in a kilt…erm I mean skirt.

The boys both trying to deny that they were wearing lipstick and eyeliner. That, plus the skirt, makes me very sorry we never saw the actual party.

“There’s another reason not to offer them a partnership – they’re idiots.” – Gotta love how Karp gets straight to the point.

Karp referring to the guys as “Lady” and “Gaga.”

“Ojection: argumentative.”

“Do you think I’m fooling around?”
“I’m open to it.”

Feeling so bad after hearing Pindar’s story about how he used to sleep in the infirmary at school.

Jared’s Jimmy Stewart imitation.

“You smell like Malibu Barbie.” – The funniest part of that? Wondering just exactly how Jared knew what she smells like.

Shirtless Peter. That is all.

Peter shaking off the gladiator helmet when Jared offered it. Am I the only one who wanted to see him put it on?

“I can’t believe I’m saying this: sunscreen up, counselor.”

The boys refusing to take down the small brewery. Good for them!

Hanna fooling me for about 5 seconds when she said that she voted to let the boys become partners. Sneaky, sneaky…

Reynolds dropping the lawsuit against Joan so he could keep Franklin & Bash as his lawyers. Yay!

Pindar detailing every time he ever met Megan. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!