Eureka “Ex-Machina” Review

Eureka Ex-Machina Review

After a little break for the Memorial Day weekend, Eureka is back with “Ex-Machina”. The town prepares to say goodbye to Holly, even though Fargo is still secretly seeing her in the Matrix. The secret doesn’t last long though when the Department of Defense shows up to upgrade the security system and take the Matrix computers with them, forcing Fargo and Zane to ask the others for help. An attempt to download Holly’s file doesn’t go as planned, leaving Holly inside the Global Dynamics mainframe at the mercy of the DOD’s antivirus software. Carter and the team take drastic steps to try to save Holly before the software erases her, though it ends up putting the entire facility at risk.

This week’s episode seems to have been the conclusion of the Fargo/Holly in the Matrix story arc. The final outcome with Holly’s files being added to S.A.R.A.H.’s program allowing her to appear in the house was a great way to make sure the two loverbirds stay together. Although I think Carter and Allison are not going to be exactly thrilled with another houseguest after just having Jo move out. The other nice thing about the ending is that it gives the writers some room to continue building the Fargo/Holly relationship some more without having it be the main focus. Personally, I think the stories in future episodes are going to turn more to Carter and Allison as their wedding is fast approaching. I’m also guessing there will be more Henry and Grace, though I’m not really seeing where they can take that story right now.

One of the more interesting aspects of tonight’s episode for me was how Jo and Allison reacted when Fargo told them about Holly. Seeing Allison go into “Bad Allison” mode for Zane and Fargo to break into the servers was fun to see because it showed how far she was willing to go to help her friends. Jo’s reaction was less supportive as she thought Fargo was imagining Holly, though it appears rooted in her experiences with her father not letting go when her mother passed away. I can’t remember at this time if the show had ever addressed what it was like in the Lupo household after Jo’s mom passed away, so this may be a possible future story element for a future episode. As disappointing Jo’s initial response was, it was great to see her step up at the end to stop the DOD virus, even though it led to her arrest.

Whenever I talk about Eureka to those not familiar with the show, I always emphasize the humor in the writing and the comedic acting. I think some people hear that a show has sci-fi elements and immediately think it’s going to be all drama and scientific jargon gobbledygook. The truth is that Eureka’s writers work hard at mixing the funny with the science and actors like Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston are excellent at making people laugh. This week we had some great moments as Carter served as the subject for Henry’s experiment on Z-Waves (especially the paint ball gun scene), while Neil got to get his whole Mission: Impossible thing going with a nice geek twist (see the quote below). Finally, kudos to the writer who came up with the “laser pointer” lines to describe the beacon named after Holly, it was the only way I could describe it to someone else and led to good laugh lines from Carter and Holly.

What did you think of “Ex-Machina”? Where do you think the Holly/Fargo relationship is going to go? Could Zane and Jo be ready to take the next step? Do you think Grace will ever come back to Eureka? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

My Favorite Parts from “Ex-Machina”:

– Holly’s favorite song was “Car Wash” (which oddly enough seems to fit her)
– “So its sort of a big laser pointer thing” – Carter
– “Lab rat Carter at your service.” – Carter to Henry
– Did we see a little bit of Henry’s evil side with the paintball experiment? He was relentless on hitting Carter.
– “You named a laser pointer after me?!” – Holly to Fargo upon hearing of her memorial service
– “Frodo has reached Mordor. Repeat. Frodo has reached Mordor.” – Fargo sneaking to a secret access hatch (I’m so going to use this one day)
– “Now I’ll probably get strip searched on every flight for the rest of my life” – Fargo after unsuccessfully pleading his case to the DOD
– “Help me” – Holly’s laser message that almost slices Henry and Carter to bits

With five episodes of Eureka left I have to say that I don’t know where things are going to go next. The previews for next week seem to show Carter and Allison possibly having some second thoughts about the wedding, though I think that’s a little bit of a red herring. Make sure to check out what happens during “In Too Deep” next Monday at 9 PM on SyFy.