Fairly Legal “Borderline” Review – Ben is My Hero

Fairly Legal (USA) Borderline Season 2 Episode 11

In this episode of Fairly Legal, called “Borderline,” they managed to do something I never thought would happen; they made me fall out of love with one character and in love with another. In the first season of this series, I thought Kate – even with her many issues – was a great person and I liked her a lot. And while I don’t think she’s an evil or terrible person now, those same issues – now that I can see their effects on another – are becoming a bit more trying. Plus, she’s now competing for my affection; with one very handsome and charming (though yes, admittedly, an occasional jerk) Ben. At this point there is no contest. My new love on Fairly Legal is Ben.

Despite what we saw in the first few episodes of this season, Ben is not the conniving ass that we all thought he was. In this whole situation he has shown more class, more integrity, than anyone. When I saw that he had so obviously taken Kate up to a remote cabin to woo her, I almost felt embarrassed for the guy. Didn’t he see that she was with Justin? Didn’t he know that she was probably going to hurt him? But then I saw that he did see all of those things, did know he was taking a chance, and yet went for it anyway. Leo said it: to Ben Kate is different, and tonight he went all out to try and get what he wanted.

What impressed me the most though was the fact that he didn’t grovel or beg for her to return his feelings. He simply presented Kate with the option of taking the leap with him, of trying something new, and when she didn’t, he moved on. Talk about classy.

I really hope that Kate does find what she’s looking for, whether it’s with Justin or with Ben. Justin is stuck in the middle in this and now he’s falling for her all over again, so I hope she’s really ready to go back to him. I don’t think she was expecting Justin to want a full relationship again, so she may have gotten a lot more than she bargained for by going back to him. One thing’s for sure, this is turning into a very interesting season.

My favorite bits..

Dogs vs. Cats – Ha!

Lauren’s reaction to picking up Justin’s drawers off the floor.

Ben hearing said reaction by Lauren and his “bye Justin!” when he got off the phone.

Ben and Leo’s discussion about caring less than zero about Kate sleeping with Justin. Yeah, right.

“You’re in the middle, your favorite place to meet.” – Boy, he’s got a point there.

“I don’t do murder.”
“Good, then you won’t kill me.”

Lauren advising Justin that maybe sleeping with his ex-wife isn’t the best idea when campaigning for DA.

“Yeah, you can’t make that stuff up.”

“Who is he?”
“He is irrelevant.” – Ouch.

Ben blaming the feeling in Kate’s gut on her skipping lunch.

Ben coming to Kate’s defense when the cop accused her of being bought.

“Can you TRY and act a little more professional?”
“He was being a tool.” – LOL, yep very professional.

Kate opening her big mouth and admitting what Leo told her about Ben’s visit to his place.

Ben trying to claim that going to Leo’s place was only an ego thing.

Ben. In a robe. That is all.

“That is a fax, short for ‘facsimile.’ I found it in the time machine next to the Pong game.”

Justin brilliantly getting his witness to say exactly what the jury needed to hear.

Kate and Ben both griping about their shoes as they trekked through the woods.

That look shared between Ben and Kate when they gave Jacob a minute to grieve at the tree.

“Love is never easy. You don’t have to be seventeen, you just have to be brave.”

Ben saying that Kate went back to Justin because he was safe. Yes! That’s exactly what I said.

Ben pulling Kate into the hot tub.

Ben giving Kate the chance……and then walking out of the hot tub with a “too late.” – Awesome! Good for him!

Emilio walking over to give the ring back to Jacob. Not gonna lie; that very nearly choked me up.

“I’m glad this is over, good to get home.” – Wow, there is no doubt just exactly what he was talking about there.

Kate looking at Ben’s rock while accepting Justin’s offer to do more than just “be.”

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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