ABC Announces 13-Episodes for ‘Private Practice’ This Fall

The news has been hot and heavy for Private Practice lately.

First there was the announcement that lead actor Tim Daly would not be back for the medical drama’s sixth season. Then a few days later, the surprise news broke that lead Kate Walsh would only appear in 13 episodes of the new season.

Now it would seem that ABC is “hedging its bets” on the sixth season of ‘Private Practice’ by giving it only a 13-episode order. Word has it, though, that there are no plans to bring the show to an end. But as any TV viewer (novice or pro) knows, that decision can be changed at the drop of a hat. The show earned an average of 8 million viewers this recently-ended season so that isn’t completely awful, especially considering the viewer erosion that has hit all of the networks over the last few years.

It is possible that ABC is giving the short-season order to ‘Private Practice’ to allow room for all of the new shows – six dramas and four comedies – that were picked up for the fall.

As it stands right now, though, ‘Private Practice’ will be back this fall on Tuesday nights on ABC at 10/9c. [Source: Entertainment Weekly]