10 Things You Need to Know About Nico – From Necessary Roughness’ Scott Cohen

Necessary Roughness - Scott Cohen

Necessary Roughness returns for its second season on Wednesday June 6 at 10/9 on USA Network. Playing the enigmatic Nico again this season, Scott Cohen took a few moments on the Atlanta set to chat with us about the possibility of a relationship for Nico, watching over TK this season, his character’s most powerful weapon, and more.

His relationship with Gabrielle Pittman gets even more complicated

Scott Cohen: [The relationship with Gabrielle] gets more complicated. Nico finds himself between a rock and a hard place. What is questioned is his loyalty and whether he’s working for Marshall Pittman – that really kind of controls his life – and who he wants to be loyal to, whether he wants to be loyal to the team or to Pittman. But you discover a history with them that is a lot more complicated than you kind of thought in the beginning. So it’s not just about the wife, there’s other things that are involved and there’s competition and weird things with the daughter. But [the relationship with Gabrielle] is not over-over, and I hear that there is love to come.

We might see romance between Nico and Dr. Dani someday

Scott Cohen: Would I like to see romance between Nico and Dr. Dani? Uh, yes and no. I mean I, I think it’d be a really interesting dynamic. I want it to happen – if it’s ever going to happen – much later, ’cause I want it to be teased for years to come.

He’s quietly energetic, and intense

Scott Cohen: I think I’ve always played characters that are a lot more talkative, a lot more energetic, a lot more involved. What attracted me to him in the beginning was how quietly energetic he was. I mean he was so quiet but so intense, and that to me was always interesting. To be able to play that, which I think (at least for me) is so difficult; to actually just shut up and trust that your power is in your silence or in your eyes or whatever it may be.

He might just have a hidden family out there somewhere

Scott Cohen: I would love to see a little bit more of his background as time goes on, and people that were in his life, kind of coming back into his life. That would kind of interest me. The whole idea of him having a daughter last season was very interesting to me. So if that’s somewhere to be had, that would be really interesting ’cause I love the idea of a man his age – does he have a family? Does he not have a family? Did he have a family? Did he not have a family? That’s interesting to me.

We’re going to see more of his vulnerable side this season

Scott Cohen: Yeah, you see a bunch [of his vulnerable side] in the first four episodes, and him dealing with Pittman. It gets nasty. It really gets nasty. I think it’s more emotional. I think it’s life and death in terms of the stakes of the money that’s involved and the team. And, and how many lives are at stake. It’s more like that.

His main power is information

Scott Cohen: Nico’s main power is his information. It is his knowledge and he’s capable of using it at lightening speeds. So I think that’s his greatest weapon. [Also]: negotiation, manipulation and threat. You will see in this season he utilizes quite a lot of the things that we just did not mention. But you know [that] his threats get carried out.

He’s willing to go any distance to protect those in his charge, including taking a bullet

Scott Cohen: I think that if somebody that he needs to protect is in trouble then he’s willing to go the distance. He’s willing to take a bullet for somebody. That’s his, that’s his mentality. He doesn’t lie about things about himself. I mean, if you ask him a question about him, he’ll be honest with you. There’s nothing he needs to hide. Nothing. But in terms of a negotiation or in terms of a manipulation, or in terms of just trying to get somebody to do what he needs them to do, he will manipulate information in order to get what he wants. But I don’t think that’s in the context of lying. Lying is more about him. He has nothing to hide. He has no regrets; he’s very satisfied and content with who he is. Which might be his flaw; that he’s just content and happy where he is. Like nothing will affect him that much. But things do affect him that much. That’s, that’s what we see in this season I think.

He’s going to be keeping a very close eye on TK this season

Scott Cohen: [This season] you see more of TK needing another body to kind of be near. And Nico becomes that person. TK needs to be protected, and Nico’s the only one that can do it. That’s basically what it is. So Nico becomes his go-to guy. I mean not through TK’s mind – but Nico kind of puts himself in that position. And [TK] just needs kind of like a father figure in certain ways. Nico’s not his father, but [TK] needs an older presence in his life, and Nico kind of presents that to him; or allows him to use Nico in that way.

He and Matt are going to be vying for the “alpha dog” position

Scott Cohen: It reaches a head in the second episode, and it’s very tense between the two of them – mainly because of TK, not because of Dr. Dani. But I think Dr. Dani’s playing a major role in it. I don’t really see it like we’re vying for position like for alpha dog position, but I guess that’s what it is really. It’s definitely very present. Very present.

He is like Kevin Costner – and TK is his Whitney

Scott Cohen: His job is so intense. What he does involves so many people and involves such high-level personality. It’s not the same story but you know “The Bodyguard” with Kevin Costner? It’s a similar type of “you do what you have to do to get the job done.” That’s simply what has to be done. TK’s [Nico’s] Whitney.

Don’t forget to catch the season two premiere of Necessary Roughness on Wednesday, June 6 at 10/9C on USA.

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