Supernatural Thursdays: My 5 Favorite Ladies of Supernatural

Supernatural - Appointment in Samarra

Okay so there’s no denying that there are plenty of great male characters on Supernatural. Between the Winchesters (both the young and old versions), plus Bobby, Castiel and the myriad of various demons, angles and monsters, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

But I’d like to take a moment and talk about some of my favorite ladies who have been on the show. While there may not have been quite as many females who have appeared on the series, many of them have made a lasting impression – some good, some bad. I decided to go with just my top 5 because if I attempted to list ALL my favorites…..well, we’d probably be here for a good long while.


SUPERNATURAL "My Heart Will Go On" Season 6 Episode 17

Oh Ellen. I can’t think of the ladies of Supernatural without her name popping up in my mind immediately. I love Ellen for being the pseudo-mom that Sam and Dean needed right after they lost their dad. Bobby was always great at providing the fatherly guidance they needed, but sometimes the boys (even the big strong men that they are now) also required a motherly figure, too.

I think what I loved about her most was how she would call them “honey” and “sweetie” one second and could be giving them hell for not calling her often enough the next second. She wasn’t afraid to let them know when they pleased her, and when they disappointed her – just like a real mom.


Supernatural Jo Harvelle

I have an interesting relationship with Jo. I got into Supernatural a little late so I saw the beginning of the second season online. I was struggling to catch up so that I could watch the finale live on TV, without missing any of the episodes that came before. Since I wasn’t part of the fandom yet and not on any message boards, I missed all the hoopla about Jo.

I heard later that people weren’t happy with her character, but at the time I just saw her as a silly girl brought in to make Dean crazy. I didn’t even get the possible romance aspect, probably because she just seemed too young to me. Once I did find out about all the drama, I’ll admit that I didn’t like her character quite as much. But tall that changed in ‘Abandon all Hope’ when she and Ellen laid down their lives for Sam and Dean. It was then I realized how strong she was, and that initial affinity that I had for her grew exponentially, added on with a healthy dose of respect.


Supernatural - Appointment in Samarra

Tessa first appeared in one of my all-time favorite episodes of Supernatural, ‘In My Time of Dying.’ I mean what was there not to like: an episode where Dean is basically dead and fights against a Reaper? Fantastic.

The moment where Tessa finally reveals her true identity to him and has a real talk about what is going to happen if he doesn’t come with her, is one of my favorite scenes of the series. I liked her attitude, her quiet resolve to convince Dean that he needed to leave and that his time was finished. She touched my heart strings and by the end, heck *I* was ready to go with her.


Supernatural The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo Season 7 Episode 20 (5)

Like I said in my review of ‘The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’ I think Charlie Bradbury is one of the coolest female characters they’ve ever brought to the show. Her nerdy qualities appealed to a large member of the audience (well, they sure appealed to me – let’s just put it that way) and she was both brave and terrified while dealing with the new monster-filled world that the boys introduced her to.

I think Charlie could represent a large number of the female fandom, those that aren’t like that other representation of a female Supernatural fan – Becky. I think Charlie is the person that many of us would like to be if confronted with evil: smart, funny, brave but also vulnerable and real. Also, she’s gay. Which is a huge plus in the fandom since I’ve seen how some fans react to the mere idea that the boys might get permanent love interests. With Charlie, that’s not even an option.


Genevieve Cortese as Ruby - Supernatural

As I write this, I can almost sense the hatred being lobbed at me right now. I feel like a rock is going to come flying through my office window with a note tied to it, telling me to leave this fandom and never come back again. But here’s the thing: I personally never understood the hatred that Ruby generated amongst the fandom. I guess it could be that same attitude I talked about above (the one where some fans don’t seem to want the guys to have any romantic interests) but I don’t think it was that. It seemed much deeper than that for some people.

For me though, I saw Ruby as an excellent plot point, in both of her incarnations. Personally I liked Gen’s version of Ruby better (heck I even wrote a fanfic where she and Sam are romantically involved – though it’s not a romance since their connection is only implied and discussed, but never acted upon in the story). Maybe some people hated her because she caused a riff between Sam and Dean, though again that’s why I liked her. I like it when the boys are challenged occasionally and she certainly brought that. Plus, I love that we never really knew what her deal was. She definitely fooled me into thinking she wanted to kill Lilith, or that maybe she was doing everything because she was in love with Sam (my own personal theory at the time).


So there they are, my top five ladies of Supernatural. I know for a fact that many of you probably don’t agree with all of my choices. Go ahead and sound off below to let me know who you’d pick for your top five and why. I love hearing from you guys!

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