Melissa Joan Hart Talks About ‘Melissa and Joey’ Season 2

When we last left Melissa and Joey (played respectively by Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence), their household was breaking up, both literally and figuratively, as Joey very nearly moved out and a plumbing problem caused the second floor to cave in. What will happen when we rejoin them this summer? TV Equals was lucky enough to get in on a phone interview with star Melissa Joan Hart to try to answer that very question. Here’s what we learned.

– “We started off strong,” Hart said, referring to their first season, but she went on to say that the second season “just gets better.” There will be surprises, she promised, but the writers and the producers also want to keep things light and funny. Anyone expecting any “very special episodes” will be disappointed.

– The question on everyone’s mind seems to be whether Mel and Joey will ever realize that they’re pretty much perfect for each other. On that front, Hart is surprisingly adamant that they stay just friends and says that Lawrence is right there with her. They are both fine with hinting at a romance, but not actually going there unless they can come up with an interesting twist. What might that be? Well, Hart claims that she’d be more on board with them having a baby together than with them actually being together as a couple.

– Speaking of babies, Hart did mention that there will be an episode this season in which a woman asks Joey to be her sperm donor. Hart claims it’s her favorite episode of the season.

– On the guest star front, expect to see veteran character actress Debi Mazar as Mel’s new campaign manager. Hart met Mazar on the set of Dancing with the Stars; as a producer, she was able to bring her onto the show in what will no doubt be a memorable role.

– Mel will get a romantic arc this season when she starts dating a cabinet maker who helps with the house remodeling.

– As for the kids, both Lennox and Ryder (played by Taylor Spreitler and Nick Robinson) are getting older. There will be relationships for both of them this season, including the return of Ryder’s very controlling girlfriend, Holly. When asked about the teenage stars in relation to her own time as a child actor, Hart say that she’s happy to give the teens advice when they ask for it. They want to be and are an active part of the cast.

– Hart stepped behind the camera several times during this new season. “Acting is Monday to Friday,” she said. “Directing is a full week.” But even though there was so much more preparation involved in directing as opposed to producing, Hart gave every indication that she enjoyed the challenge, although she did say that it was hard to talk to the actors as both an actor and a director. Hart will be directing one episode that involves a romance for Lennox.

– So, how much of Melissa is there in Mel? Hart jokes that she likes Mel because she’s “a big, hot mess,” but goes on to say that her approach to Mel is simple: she does the opposite of whatever her instinct as a parent tells her to do. She wants Mel to make mistakes.

– Child actor. Teen star. Actor. Producer. Director. Melissa Joan Hart’s advice for surviving in Hollywood? “Stick with it.” As she keeps reinventing herself, she finds new ways to be creative, even going so far as to start developing a race car driving comedy that she hopes might find a home one day.

For now, though, we get to enjoy her in “Melissa and Joey,” which starts airing new episodes tonight, (Wednesday, May 30th) at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. Make sure to tune in!