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No network is in a stranger position than ABC. Despite Modern Family having its biggest ratings ever, Grey’s Anatomy continuing their run as the top rated show in the 18-49 demo, Revenge, Suburgatory and Once Upon a Time becoming legitimate hits, and Dancing with the Stars continuing to prop up Monday nights, ABC still found a way to finish 4th in the ratings among the networks. Now, we covered last week that the Super Bowl being on NBC had a lot to do with that, but if you are an ABC executive, that probably doesn’t give you a ton of solace. How did ABC respond? Let’s break it down.


The juggernaut that is Dancing with the Stars will continue running their twice a season game while making NBC spin tales of how well The Voice is doing. If this battle were a boxing match, we’d be looking at 5th round TKO. Also holding its ground at 10 PM is Castle. Castle finally gave the fans the big hookup they wanted. Now, it takes that potential creative disaster and continues its battle with CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 and NBC’s Revolution. For those with a DVR that can only record two shows, a choice will have to be made.


Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 Season Finale 2012 Shitagi Nashi (1)

After the Dancing with the Stars results show, ABC decides to trot a 9 PM comedy block to match up with NBC and Fox. The two shows occupying that space will be ratings adverse Happy Endings and the (occasionally) critically provocative and ridiculously named Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23. Now, none of the comedy blocks are touching NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS, but the competition on this night should be fairly interesting. You could see some overlap between the audience for New Girl and the audience for Happy Endings. While Happy Endings has struggled to find ratings traction on Wednesdays, it could see a slight uptick on Tuesdays. Time will tell. At 9:30, The B should be able to clean up unless The Mindy Project or The New Normal turn out to be competent shows. If they aren’t, DTTBIA23 could find a nice home on Tuesdays. At 10 PM, Private Practice will continue to plug along. I would analyze this decision, but when I think about Private Practice, my eyes start to bleed.


The Wednesday comedy block remains firmly intact with one exception. ABC will try for roughly the 14th time to launch a show behind Modern Family when The Neighbors premieres in that spot. Apparently, the world is ready for another show about a family that lives in the same neighborhood as aliens. The Middle and Suburgatory will keep their spots in the eight o’clock hour.

10 PM features an intriguing shake-up in the lineup. For years, ABC has struggled to produce a show with any traction in the Wednesday 10 PM timeslot. At long last, it appears that Revenge could be that show for them. Instead of keeping it there to cultivate its audience and clean up against fairly weak competition, ABC has decided to move it to Sundays (More on that later). Taking Revenge’s place on Wednesday is the drama Nashville starring Connie Britton as… really who cares? It’s Connie Britton people! Moreover, the trailer doesn’t look terrible. I could see a world where this show gets some eyeballs, but I won’t hold my breath.


Thursday is drama night on ABC. At 8 PM, they plan to launch a very intriguing looking show about a submarine captain and his crew who form a nuclear nation after disobeying orders in The Last Resort. The trailer looks interesting, and I like a lot of the people involved with the show. However, 8 PM is where The X-Factor results show and The Big Bang Theory make their homes. Ratings will be difficult to earn. I’ll be very surprised to see this show earn a second season.

At 9 PM, ABC sticks with what works in Grey’s Anatomy. At 10 PM, Scandal earns its season two renewal. The mission for season two? Try to earn some viewers. For male viewers trying to find a reason to watch other than Kerry Washington so their women don’t get suspcious, mention Shonda Rhimes. She’s the creator of Grey’s and Private Practice in addition to this show. Your woman will become interested, and you will get to stare at Kerry Washington. Win-win.


last man standing the passion of mandy

Tim Allen and Reba McIntyre will help ABC go after the red state vote by airing their sitcoms back-to-back. Don’t sleep on how much people love Reba McEntire. My sweet wife is a south Georgia girl, and she absolutely loves Reba. For the love of Mike, she owns several seasons of the show Reba on DVD. I wish I were kidding. I know its Friday, but this comedy block can’t do any worse than the Whitney/Community clusterfudge that will run simultaneously on NBC.


Once Upon a Time (ABC) An Apple Red as Blood Episode 21

On Sunday, nerd tractor beam Once Upon a Time returns at 8 PM. As a show with nearly unlimited source material, it’s tough to imagine a scenario where next season slows down. It should just keep chugging right along. At 9 PM, Revenge steps into the limelight for its big closeup. While not all of the hype was deserved, Revenge is a legitimate hit with a pretty good lead-in now. It will be expected to perform. At 10 PM, ABC will premiere 666 Park Avenue. It’s the old haunted house theme starring Terry O’Quinn and several rather attractive people. O’Quinn will step in and blow everybody off of the screen. Couple that with supernatural activities and sex, and you could have something here. At the very least, I’m in for a few episodes.

It’s your turn now. What does everyone think of ABC’s new schedule. Let us know in the comments.

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