Supernatural Thursdays – Time To Regroup!

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Whoa. I think I can speak for most of the Supernatural fans in the world when I repeat: Whoa. The season seven finale went out with a bang last week and left us with a lot of different questions about the fate of various characters. Now that we’ve had some time to process everything that went down, I thought I’d open up Supernatural Thursday to a broader discussion. After all, we write this column for you guys, and want to hear your thoughts and opinions on everything Supernatural related.

I’m going to talk about a few things that happened in the finale and you guys take it from there, deal? Deal.

I feel it goes without saying, but if you haven’t seen the season seven finale, this article is going to be full of spoilers. So don’t read it. Please. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading. Right now.

You’ve been warned.

Is Bobby Really Gone?

Bobby, Supernatural, The CW

For the last several episodes, Sam and Dean have been dealing with Bobby as a vengeful spirit. Not only was Bobby able to break things, throw items around a room, and break Charlie’s arm… he also jumped into a maid, possessing her for a while to get to Dick Roman. Then, in what was probably one of the most heart wrenching moments in Supernatural history, Dean and Sam (along with Bobby’s input) send off their surrogate father the way they send of all spirits – they burn the item tying the ghost to earth.

What I loved the most about this scene was the way that we knew from past episodes what Sam and Dean were seeing as Bobby’s flask burned, but the audience didn’t get the privilege to see Bobby’s spirit released. Instead, that was only for the eyes of his boys, and we were given the opportunity to see it through their expressions.

Now here’s a question – Is Bobby gone for good? History would tell us yes, his remains are gone, the object tying him to earth has been destroyed. But this is Supernatural and if any show can find a way to bring a beloved character back, it’s this one. What do you think? Is Bobby gone forever? If so, what are your thoughts on his exit? Did he get the send off he deserved?

Will Castiel Stay Broken?

Castiel, Supernatural, The CW

Sam and Dean are dealing with a broken angel and while I love this version of Castiel, I realize that he can’t stay this way forever. Through the finale, Cas was right next to the boys, making them sandwiches, gently pushing them in the right direction to end the Leviathans, and when push came to shove he (like he always does) stood up and took his place next to Dean to help him in his fight.

We last saw Castiel in Purgatory with Dean while demons and other horrors were closing in. He seemed… different. Something had changed in him, but before we had a chance to dig further, he was gone and Dean was alone.

Now, did I just imagine this shift in Cas’ demeanor? Was he really changed? Really different? Did he seem to be more of the “old” Cas to anyone else? Also, why did he leave Dean alone in Purgatory? What’s going on with him and Meg?

How Will Dean Leave Purgatory?

Dean, Supernatural, The CW

It’s not like there’s a front door you can waltz through and be back in the land of the living. Dean is stuck in limbo with some pretty horrible looking things, including the being that he just sent back to Purgatory… chances are the Leviathans aren’t going to be too happy to see the oldest Winchester. He’s also been abandoned by Castiel, and is now surrounded by some red eyed… things… that seem a little hungry.

So, what’s going to happen to Dean? I’ve been seeing rumors flying that Mary is in Purgatory and is going to help Dean find an escape. I don’t know how I feel about that theory because why would Mary be in Purgatory? Personally, I’m thinking Cas just went to go find a door and will be back with in minutes to help Dean get back to Sam.

Speaking of Sam…

Sam, Supernatural, The CW

He’s now stuck in that building all alone with no idea where Dean has gone. Let’s ponder that for a second… and try not to get too teary thinking about Sam looking for Dean, searching every inch of that building, and not even having Bobby to call for help. Okay, your second is up.

Now let’s think about how Sam will react. Last time Dean went missing Sam shacked up with Ruby, so here’s hoping he takes a better approach to Dean’s absence this time around. My money is that he uses some sort of spell, or Crowley, or Meg, or something to find Dean’s location and goes in guns blazing into Purgatory.

Or… yeah, I got nothing else. Help me out here! What are your thoughts of how Sam will get on without Dean?


So between Bobby’s death, Sam and Dean having to find their way back to each other, Leviathans gone, Castiel still off his rocker… it was a long, emotional season finale of Supernatural! As it was Sera Gamble’s last episode as show runner, I can say that the fans would not have had it any other way. Now starts the long summer months until Supernatural returns to The CW in fall!

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