Could ‘Pan Am’ Take to the Air Again?

pan am abc

The period piece Pan Am debuted last fall on ABC and at that time it got off to a great start (ratings-wise), but as the weeks passed, it started to plummet, ending its season early in February. Two weeks ago the series was officially cancelled by the network; but it would seem that the 1960’s drama may not have taken to the air for the last time.

According to a report at Deadline, Sony Pictures TV (the producers of ‘Pan Am’) have been exploring shifting the series to cable or other platforms. It would seem Sony has been in conversations with the folks over at Amazon (who carry the show’s first season) about potentially picking up the show.

This is not an unheard of practice in recent years with DirecTV picking up both ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Damages’; Netflix picking up ‘Arrested Development’; TNT picking up ‘Southland’ and TBS picking up ‘Cougar Town’. But, it is too soon for fans of the short-lived series to get excited just yet.

The one factor in ‘Pan Am’s’ favor is that the series is a big international seller for the studio; in fact, the show is particularly popular in Europe, winning the best series category at this year’s Rose d’Or awards, considered Europe’s top television honors. And, picking up ‘Pan Am’ would put Amazon on the map despite being at odds with the company’s recently announced plans to focus on comedy and children’s programming through its newly launched Amazon Studios.