‘I Just Want My Pants Back’ Cancelled

MTV has opted not to pick up another season of the freshman comedy series I Just Want My Pants Back as confirmed by Deadline. Initially the show, that centered on the twenty-two year old character Jason Strider (Peter Vack), his friends, and the challenges of dating, started off with a bang but sadly lost its momentum, spiraling down in the ratings.

Making a statement over their decision to cancel the series from their line-up, MTV shared – “We’re proud to have aired ‘I Just Want My Pants Back’, with its impressive creative pedigree and talented group of actors. Many factors go in to determining renewals, however, and ultimately, we decided not to move forward with an additional season of Pants.”

The small screen adaption, that is based on the novel from author David Rosen, could find new life however. As pointed out by Nikki Finke’s outlet, producers Doug Liman and Dave Bartis of Hypnotic and Universal Cable Productions will now attempt to attract other networks to find a new home for the drama. The duo were reportedly surprised that MTV declined to pick up season 2.

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