Glee Season Finale 2012 “Goodbye” Review

For an hour of TV that I expected to be one big pile of crying mush, “Goodbye,” the season finale of Glee, wrapped up with more than a little angst. The seniors graduated (even Puck!), but we only officially found where two of them were heading…and it wasn’t where we thought and it wasn’t together.

All right, for those keeping score, Quinn is going to Yale and really wants to stay in touch with Rachel. Santana (whose mom turns out to be Gloria Estefan…I would have expected nothing less) is going somewhere, either New York or L.A., but not to college with her scholarship. Britney is…um…I have no idea. Did she not graduate because she’s a junior or because she didn’t have the grades? No clue. Mike and Mercedes graduated, but no word on what will happen to them next year, or if the actors will be back in anything more than a guest capacity.

I was honestly surprised that Kurt didn’t get into NYADA, but I suppose it’s realistic. Kurt is a great performer, but he doesn’t have Rachel’s power voice. Actually, it might be a good thing to have him hang back a year, particularly for his relationship with Blaine who is, apparently, only a junior. I always, always thought that Blaine was older than Kurt. Am I the only one?

As for Finn getting into the Actor’s Studio…I would have called BS if that had actually happened, so it was good that it didn’t. But at least we got a nice cameo appearance out of it. So, instead of becoming an actor, Finn decided to redeem his father’s name and join the Army. Upon hearing that neither of her boys would be heading for New York, Rachel decided to defer her enrollment for a year in order to marry Finn and help both him and Kurt with their re-applications.

But in a surprise move, and possibly one of the most believably selfless acts of the entire show, Finn didn’t take Rachel to the wedding chapel…he drove her straight to the train station. In a scene that was equal parts heartbreaking and relieving, he basically broke up with her in order to set her free. He fell back on the old cliche, that if they were destined to be together, they would be someday, but it worked. In tears, Rachel sang her way to New York, alone, but a far better person for having loved and been loved during her time with the Glee club.

Next season is a mystery. Will it be set in more than one place? McKinley, New York, L.A.? How can you have a show called Glee without a Glee club? Or has the show taken on such a life of its own that it can survive with out its titular anchor? It all remains to be seen. I suppose we’ll all have to tune in next fall if only to see who returns and who really graduated.

What did you think of the episode…the season? Let me know below!