The Simpsons “Lisa Goes Gaga” Review

Lady Gaga took The Simpsons by storm – a diamond teardrop, glitter-infused storm. Upon learning that Springfield was home of the tomb of the unknown mascot and had the lowest self-esteem of any place on the planet, Gaga decided that it was her solemn duty as a celebrity to provide some temporary cheer to the town.

Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary was holding its annual popularity awards. I loved the look of shock and excitement on Bart’s face when he won a popularity award. Did he actually kiss Lisa? I also liked the nice little dig at Glee the writers worked into the bit. Sadly, Bart’s joy was a short-lived triumph for The Simpsons as Lisa was officially named the most unpopular student at Springfield Elementary. Surely Milhouse can’t be more popular than Lisa, right? In an effort to boost her spirits, Lisa created an anonymous id on the Springfield Elementary message board in an effort to improve her reputation. Unfortunately, Bart discovered her secret and outed her to the school as the “Truth Teller” whose pro-Lisa messages boosted her popularity. Nelson’s chastising and comparison of Lisa’s actions to his mother sticking money in her own g-string at the strip club was hilarious.

I loved Marge and Homer’s futile attempts to cheer Lisa up. “Wanna honk your jazz tube?” So wrong but so Homer. Lady Gaga arrived just in the nick of time to help Lisa salvage her integrity. Clad in a dress made of Grammy awards, Gaga reminded the Springfield monsters that they were beautiful to her in a song full of theatricality. Unfortunately, Gaga’s musical demonstration of love was not enough to cheer Lisa up, which set off Gaga’s “suffering senses.”

Surprisingly, Homer finally got through to Lisa and she realized how therapeutic it was to take out her frustrations on Gaga. Way to go Lisa for getting off that one-way train to marrying Milhouse!

Other favorite moments from The Simpsons . . .

– “He’s a dumb kid but an above-average dog.” I missed Ralph this season and hope that we will get more of this wonderfully entertaining, sweet yet peculiar Springfield Elementary student next season.

– “It takes a lot of courage to say nice things anonymously.” Check out Twitter and you’ll learn the irony and truthfulness of this wise statement by Marge.

– The bit with Cleetus and his family (including a baby in the womb) vowing to give up alcohol.

– I enjoyed Maggie dressed up as “Baby Goo Goo” as well as her attempt to cheer up her older sister with her beloved pacifier.

– I was more shocked that Marge admitted she did not care for the saxophone than her kiss with Gaga.

Lady Gaga helped The Simpsons end its 23rd season on a memorable note. What did you think of the finale? Sound off below.