The Big C “How Bazaar” Review

The Big C How Bazaar Season 3 Episode 7 (3)

All aboard the Cathy Jameson Crazy Train. Let’s find out where it takes us this week.

At least at the beginning of the episode, Cathy acknowledges that it wasn’t the best idea to punch a hole in her house in the middle of a Minnesota winter (“It felt good. Then it felt stupid.”). You have to take what you can get with good ol’ Cathy. These small moments of regular human-being thought come oh so rarely these days. However, one continuity issue came up that bugged me. It’s the middle of Minnesota winter and it’s snowing. My boy Adam comes down to take baseball cards to a church bazaar wearing a light jacket with the sleeves rolled half way up his forearms. I guess he’s half polar bear.

Susan Sarandon continues her slumming work again this week. I’ve been waiting for Joy to expose her seedy underbelly, but I wasn’t anticipating it to come in the form of a sexual advance on Paul. No offense to Paul, but even a past her prime Susan Sarandon seems slightly out of his league. If her true intention is to find a “f*** buddy,” then I imagine she could just hire an attractive stable boy type that could serve as her body man and her body man. (See what I did there?)

I am going to reserve judgment on Sean’s “throuple” for one more week. Is this really the best they could come up with for Sean? Wait, wait I’m getting into judgments.

That leads us to the end of the episode. After driving off in the corvette from the church bazaar, Cathy stumbles upon her good friend Dave and a very unpregnant version of his wife. While this isn’t my idea of the ideal way to make Cathy’s decisions look foolish, it just does interject some interest for the last few episodes of the season. If handled effectively, the show can use this situation to make Cathy seem sympathetic again.

What did you guys think? Do you like this twist for this season? Give me your thoughts in the comments below.

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