Nurse Jackie “Day of the Iguana” Review

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 7 Day of the Iguana (4)

Okay, this custody situation is officially starting to concern me. To clarify, I don’t really care about Jackie’s children and which parent they should be raised by between Jackie and Kevin. What I am concerned about is the situation that the writers may be putting us in here. For three seasons, I watched Jackie slither and slime her way out of every possible bad thing that could happen to her. It didn’t matter how bad things look, something would always break Jackie’s way so he could continue to run afoul of her marriage, job, or basic humanity. Now, we are in a custody hearing where Kevin has the most slam dunk case in the history of custody cases. Yet, we keep spending time with Jackie loading up for this battle as if it should make a difference. Uh-oh…

What’s really getting interesting is Jackie’s relationship with Mike Cruz. Cruz may be a nit-picking hard-liner at work, but the dude has some serious depth… and an addict son. Also, it was finally revealed to Cruz that Jackie was in rehab with that addict son. The look on Jackie’s face as Cruz walks into the room is absolutely priceless. We’ve reached a tipping point here. Jackie doesn’t have enough credibility with Cruz to get him to let this one slide. He’s not Akalitus. However, she’s clean (assuming she threw up the spiked vicodin drink that Charlie had), so she should be okay. That being said, if Cruz doesn’t hassle her every second of the day from now until the end of time, then the show has played this wrong. I’m really interested to see where they plan to go from here.

Some quick hits:

*Zoey’s break-up with Lenny didn’t play well. Given all of the time these two have spent together, you would think there would be a modicum of emotion. Zoey has clearly been mentally out for awhile, but Lenny handled it as if his pot dealer ran out of his favorite blend.

*When you have a storyline where all of the nurses can work in sync with each other, it always turns out well. This week’s work with the dementia patient worked really well for me. Everyone pitching in to help Akalitus’s former friend of colleague turned out to be amusing and very sweet.

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