Bob’s Burgers “Beefsquatch” Review

Although my favorite character on Bob’s Burgers seems to change on a weekly basis, Gene most frequently finds himself in the top spot of my personal list. I had thought that “Beefsquatch” would be the Gene-centered episode that would make me commit to Gene and never look back, but it didn’t go quite the way I had expected.

Gene finally caught his big break in entertainment thanks to his video-bombing of Bob’s guest chef submission tape for a local morning show, “Get On Up with Chuck and Pam.” Seeing the potential for Bob and the Beefsquatch to go viral, Chuck and Pam began to regularly feature Bob and Gene on their show.

Putting Bob and Gene on TV together fueled a father-son rivalry in which both characters seemed to be competing to become the biggest jerk first. Bob was butthurt about Gene stealing the spotlight, so he let himself get wrapped up in a petty competition with Gene. Gene let fame get to his head and lost any small shred of humility that he might have possessed before.

The fighting between Bob and Gene was fine when it stayed between the two of them, but the tone changed when Gene went as far as making fun of his dad to entertain the “inner circle” of morning television. Gene ripping on his dad with Louise, Linda or Tina is fair game, but ganging up on Bob with non-family members seemed out of character for a Belcher.

The Beefsquatch mask changed Gene’s personality, and not for the better. The star entertainer who could have composed an entire film score on a portable keyboard was lost to a raging beast-child. Chuck and Pam were constantly referencing the chimp that had become a hit on a rival morning show, and I suppose it was no coincidence that Gene’s antics on set were essentially the same as that of a chimp.

By the time Louise was sucked into their argument, I had about had my fill of both Gene and Bob. She might not have helped resolve their conflict, but Louise definitely brought some fresh air to their bickering. Her consultation scenes with Bob and Gene were classic Louise – adorable, wicked and hilarious – and the prank wars that she fueled were brilliant in their simplicity. Eventually, even Louise got fed up with Bob and Gene and washed her hands of their dirty tricks.

I might not have liked the way Gene’s character was used in this particular storyline, but he still had a ton of bits that made me laugh out loud. Pretty much all of Gene’s dance and butt shaking scenes cracked me up, and the bit about the time he super glued his wiener to his remote control helicopter made made me laugh so hard that I missed the first few lines of the following scene.

Since Bob was completely consumed by his feud with Gene, he was no longer able to be the rational character in the family. This meant that Linda had to intervene to stop the fighting.

Linda’s “cursing” was probably the funniest gag of the night, in part because it was set up so perfectly. Linda warned everyone to cover their ears for the foul language to follow, so I had prepared myself for a bit that would use the censor’s bleep to cover up her rant while the children looked on in horror, leaving the audience to imagine the foul words that were coming from her mouth. Instead, we got this hilarious dag-nabbit-peep-lubbin-nuts nonsense that took the gag in a totally different – and much more funny – direction.

Linda seemed to hesitate more about using foul language than she did about flashing the cameras. As a matter of fact, Linda seemed to enjoy her exposed dance in front of the cameras quite a bit. The flashing itself wasn’t all that funny, but the payoff came in the scenes where we saw Teddy, Mort, Hugo and Mr. Fischoeder watching and reacting to seeing Linda on their TVs. Teddy’s commentary at the end when he came face to face with Linda after seeing her on TV was fantastic.

Tina had a funny little side story of her own at the TV studios. Nathan, who might best be described as the more aggressive male version of Tina, introduced himself to Tina in the hopes of being able to meet Pam. Although Nathan wasn’t exactly Tina’s type, she was not opposed to giving him a chance after he asked her out. Things got weird when she realized that he had been using her to try and get close to Pam so he could taste her hair, so Tina broke things off.

Nathan and Tina might not have been able to work things out between them, but he’s got an “uuuhhhhh” noise of his own that made me laugh as much as Tina’s “uuuhhhh.” Seeing Nathan dressed up as Tina at the end was a clever and unexpected way to wrap up their plot line, and overall, I enjoyed this little subplot.

Depending on where you looked, tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers was being called the season finale. I realize it’s all semantics, but knowing that there are still thirteen “season two” episodes that have been pushed back until the Fall, I didn’t really feel like “Beefsquatch” was an actual finale. In any case, the summer will seem very long without new Bob’s Burgers on Sunday nights and I’m already looking forward to seeing the remaining thirteen episodes as well as the brand new season 3 episodes that are in the works.