Common Law (USA) “Ride-Along” Review – More Fighting Leads to More Case-Solving

Common Law (USA) Ride-Along Episode 2

In this episode of Common Law, called “Ride-Along,” Dr. Ryan does exactly that. Seeing as how she always observes couples at home and for Wes and Travis, their work is their home, Dr. Ryan goes along with the guys for a day to see them in their own environment.

The case involves an apparent suicide that quickly turns into a murder and a case of stolen identity. The woman in question was the mistress of a guy who launders money for gunrunners, but it wasn’t them who killed her. Turns out the wife wasn’t too happy with the arrangement and accidentally tossed the mistress off the balcony during a fight. Of course that’s not the end of it though and Travis and Wes have to end up saving the murderess, her money-laundering idiot of a husband – all while arresting the gun-running bad guys. It’s a very productive couple of days.

During the course of the case we continue to see how well Wes and Travis work together, despite the fact that they can’t seem to help themselves from fighting. I found it interesting though how the fights also seem to bring up the energy between them and how they get a lot of work done when they are going down. I also found it interesting how each of them found a vital piece of the puzzle when they were alone and not bickering with the other one. But nor did they each completely solve the case without the other’s help. Together they make one heck of a super cop and I see now why the captain is willing to jump through so many hoops to keep them working on the same team.

My favorite bits..

Wes proving once and for all that his aim was anything but ‘off.’ – Ha!

“Man, that’s not how you spell ‘thank you.'”

Travis getting busted for drawing a too-perfect tree.

“Now that is a perfect representation of Wes: blank and white.”

Wes and Travis getting more and more uncomfortable with the captain’s discussion about his sex life.

Both Wes Travis trying to tattle to Dr. Ryan like a little boys.

Travis comparing jumpers to egg rolls.

I’m so like Wes. Even if I’m in a hotel for one night, I always unpack. I can’t settle in otherwise.

The look of panic that Travis wasn’t able to hide when he and Dr. Ryan thought that Wes had gone over the balcony.

“You just going to leave her locked up in the car?”
“I cracked the window.”

Travis telling the husband the victim was dead when Wes couldn’t get it out.

“Notice he’s wearing his ‘courtin’ cologne.'”

Janelle slapping Travis’ hand away before giving Wes the finger prints.

Wes and Travis trying to play nice-nice for Dr. Ryan.

How fast Wes and Travis switched to protective cop mode when the shots went off.

“See? He waived his right to be sober.”

“I’m just gonna take a shot here. You burned it.”
“Oh, right.”

“Apparently he doesn’t believe in man-scaping.”

The captain pointing out why Wes and Travis were the yin to each other’s yang.

“So you’re saying you need me because I’m the asshole.”
“Honestly, yes.”

Wes being unable to see his car one last time before they sent it to salvage. Aw.

Travis meeting up with one of his foster moms. Aw.

Yay! Car chase!

Yay! Foot chase!

“There’s no retrospect needed there. That was stupid the moment you did it.”

Wes and Travis pretending to be lost and fighting to distract the gunrunners. Nice.

Travis and the captain talking up what Dr. Ryan did on the ride-along to impress her boyfriend’s kid.

Travis offering to help Dr. Ryan with Hunter.

Yep, I totally knew that Wes was late because he went to get a new car.

What did you think of this episode of Common Law? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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