Supernatural “Survival of the Fittest” Review – Can Dean and Cas Survive (Spoiler)?

Supernatural Season Finale 2012 Survival of the Fittest

After watching tonight’s season finale of Supernatural, called “Survival of the Fittest,” the first thing I wanted to do is kick myself. I mean here I am – someone who religiously watches the show, goes to numerous conventions, talks about it all the time with friends and other fans and heck, even co-writes a column all about it. Why did it NEVER occur to me that they might do what they did at the end of this episode?

Tonight we saw Sam and Dean put into action the plan that they got from Kevin and the magic tablet with the recipe for destroying Dick. Of course having to put some trust in Crowley was making me a tad nervous and I guess I had reason to be. Sure he did give them a vial of his blood but the King of Hell has a plan of his own. Now, why he wants the prophet I have no clue but I’m pretty sure it’s not for anything good.

During the implementation of the plan though, Sam and Dean have to say goodbye again to Bobby. As much as I was hoping that he could find a way to beat the vengeful bug, he finds it too hard and asks the boys to destroy his flask. After that, everything goes fairly smoothly. Dean gets Baby, Meg drives her straight into Dick’s headquarters as a distraction while Dean and Cas go looking for the head Levi and Sam goes looking for Kevin. I was very happy to see Dean bring Cas out of his funk to help. Don’t get me wrong, the new version of Cas was definitely a lot of giggles, but I was really hoping he would snap out of it and I was glad to see him and Dean fight together again.

And now we get to the end. To the part that makes me want to kick myself over and over again. Of all the ways I thought they’d end the season, never did I think of them sending Cas and Dean to Purgatory. Now that I think about it, it does make sense. I mean the boys have been to Heaven and Hell, why not send them to the place where the Leviathans came from in the first place? It leaves so many open questions about what will happen next season. Can Sam keep the Levis from becoming organized like Crowley said? Can Cas and Dean survive long enough for either Sam to get them out or for them to find their own way out? Where did Cas go right there at the end? Since vengeful spirits get destroyed, but don’t go to Heaven; is it possible that Bobby is in Purgatory, too?

I say this every year and it’s more and more true every time I say it – this is gonna be one helluva long summer.

My favorite bits..

No matter how long this show is on the air, I will always sing along to ‘Carry on Wayward Son’ when they play it at the beginning of the season finale.

Dick offering all of Canada to Crowley and his demons. Ha!

“We need America. They’re so fat.”

“I suppose you want it in writing.”
“I don’t kiss on the mouth.”
“Your loss.” – Is it wrong that I kinda wanted to see that? Would’ve been good for a laugh, I’m sure.

Cas did was what? Covered in what??? Aw man, I would really have loved to have seen that.

Bobby is still in the maid?? Oh crap.

Dean: “Let’s bone this nun.”
Sam: *bitchface*

“Go ask him. He was your boyfriend first.” – Haha!

Dean stealing himself before talking to Cas (so as not to strangle him with his bare hands, I assume).

Cas sniffing the nun’s bone.

Cas telling Crowley to stay away from Meg.

The series of looks shared between Dean and Crowley when Cas went off on one of his tangents.

“Text me when Sparkles here retrieves his marbles.” – Wow, I’m sort of shocked that Crowley didn’t take Cas out, craziness and all.

Oh no, Bobby. That was not cool.

Cas reassuring Sam and Dean that he thoroughly examined and comforted the pig before he slaughtered it. Now that’s love.

“Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity.” – Oh you so know I’m gonna be saying that every time I make someone a sandwich from now on.

“Last time we were all in one room it was inside that angel.”

“Eat up; the sushi’s made of fresh orphan.” – Ew. Ick.

Oh great. I see my state is located in the “Labor” area of the country. Don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.

“First shipment heads to Los Angeles tomorrow.” – Bwahahahahaha!

Sam spotting Bobby…and telling Dean to shut up. Whoa!

Bobby blowing himself out of the maid.

“Dick made more Dicks.”

“Do we need a cat? Doesn’t this place feel one species short?”

“I can’t help. I destroyed everything and I will destroy everything again.” – Oh, poor Cas. That hurt my heart.

“Nice, you scared off the Empire’s only hope.”

Bobby telling Dean and Sam to go get Dick, but not to scratch an itch – to do the job.

“And when it’s your time…..GO.”

No no no no no no no no!! This is worse than when it happened the first time. *sobs*

“I see now, it’s a punishment, resurrection. It’s worse every time.”

Dean telling Cas that he’d rather have him around, cursed or not. And pointing out that he wasn’t exactly good luck himself.

YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!!! That is all. (Oh and nice choice with ‘Born to be Wild.’)

I never thought I’d feel back for a demon, but I’m kinda scared for Meg now.

“You sure I’m even me, Dean?”
“No, but he is.”

Cas and Dean working together to kill Dick. Oh HELL YEAH!

Crap. Why am I more nervous now?

Where are Dean and Cas???

Oh noes!! Poor Sam.

Literally gasping out loud when Cas told Dean where they were.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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