Grimm “The Woman In Black” Review – Way To Leave Us Dangling On That Cliff

Grimm Season Finale Woman in Black Episode 22

Who else is glad that Grimm isn’t leaving us for good on that cliffhanger of an ending? I knew that “The Woman In Black” being the season finale meant that we were going to be left with questions and whatnot, but holy crap and I happy we get to see Grimm for a season two!

In this week’s episode, Nick (David Giuntoli) is given two extremely difficult tasks. First is to track down a murder that is running around town killing everyone related to a previous crime Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) had already solved (remember the three coins from “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau”? Yeah, this guy really wants those coins). It also happens to be the fourth guy that was involved in the death of Nick’s parents, so to say that the poor guy is carrying a personal vendetta is putting it mildly.

Two, Juliet (Bitsie Tulloch) announces the return of Adalind (Claire Coffee) and also lets slip that Adalind’s cat (which the crazy woman had fed some sort of potion to prior to their vet visit for this very reason) had scratched her hand. Nick freaks out and tries to tell Juliet the truth. He even takes her to the trailer where he waxes on about the different monsters, weapons, films, etc… until Juliet leaves him in the trailer and starts to get really freaking scared.

To prove his point more (and to get Juliet to a hospital to have her hand checked out), Nick takes her to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) who changes into blutbad form, but before he can turn around the poison takes effect and Juliet is out for the count. No one can figure out what the deal is at the hospital, so Nick and Monroe take the cat (which was yowling and spitting pretty much like Church in Pet Sematary) to Rosalee (Bree Turner) to find out what Adalind gave the thing.

Meanwhile, Hank is losing his mind after seeing Monroe as a blutbad and another creature turn in front of his face, and after his house is broken into, he decides to hold a vigil with a shotgun on his lap. Yep. Hank has lost it.

Nick heads back to his house to capture the killer so he can talk to him about the death of his parents. It looks like Nick might just get his answers, until the Woman In Black comes strolling into the frame and kicks the crap out of the guy. Nick is about to shoot her when she takes off her hood and Nick gets the shock of his life.

Phew! So many things happened in Grimm this week, and I’m so angry that the show is getting this good when it decides to break for the summer! I love, love, love, seeing Nick excited about being a Grimm. Even though Juliet thought it was insane while he was showing her all his books and sharing his knowledge with her, his excitement and pride was so evident that I was rooting for her to believe him. He’s not shunning his legacy any longer; he’s embracing it. And it looks like he may get some more answers in season two that will shed an even brighter light on his past! Who can’t wait for that?

I’m also intrigued about the direction that Hank will go towards. Right now he’s in total shock, is questioning if he’s going insane or not, and what exactly the deal is with his brain. Nick can either help and tell his friend, or he can let Hank go off the deep end… but something tells me that Nick is going to sweep in at the final moment and talk Hank off of a ledge. Or Hank will go darkside (I don’t know why he will, he just will!) and it’ll be a fight between two best friends. Don’t roll your eyes, it could happen.

Juliet’s fate is also pretty interesting. The second she started twitching in that hospital bed I knew it wasn’t going to be any sort of good news… and I was waiting for her to either start foaming at the mouth or turning into a cat. Instead her eyes just went black and that’s the last we see of her.

So many questions that need to be answered and so many loose ends that need to be tied up… I said it once in this review, but it bears repeating: I’m so angry that Grimm is over when it’s finally found its footing for the last several episodes! Here’s until next fall, fellow Grimm fans. We’ll talk soon.

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