Girl’s Guide To Depravity Season Finale “The Revenge Rule” Episode 13

Girl's Guide To Depravity Season Finale The Revenge Rule Episode 13
Girl’s Guide To Depravity season finale “The Revenge Rule” Episode 13 airs Friday, May 18 (11:00-11:30 p.m.) on Cinemax.

Episode Synopsis: Much to Sam’s displeasure, Lizzie accepts Drew’s invitation to have drinks, but Drew has an alternative plan in mind. Meanwhile, Sam accidentally expresses her true feelings to Jason, which leads to an internal dilemma – which guy does she really want?

Show Summary:Two strong single women take the spotlight when the sexy 13-episode CINEMAX series THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO DEPRAVITY, inspired by Heather Rutman’s blog “The Girl’s Guide to Depravity,”. In each episode, Lizzie and Sam explore a different Rule of Depravity, in the process learning something about their sexuality, their friendship and the men in their lives. Starring Sally Golan (host of “Fashion TV”) as Lizzie and Rebecca Blumhagen (“Body of Proof”) as Sam, THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO DEPRAVITY is executive produced by Jon Kramer (“Inferno,” “The Stickup”) and Steve Beswick (“Legion,” “The Last Hour”); directed by Alex Merkin (“Across The Hall”); and written by Chloe Danger and Jess Roman

(Photo Credit: Cinemax/Tudor Cucu)