Fairly Legal “Shattered” Review – Ben or Justin? How Will Kate Choose?

Fairly Legal "Shattered" Season 2 Episode 10

In this episode of Fairly Legal, called “Shattered,” Kate is mediating a case that ends up being a lot more complicated than it first appears. In other words, it’s pretty much business as usual for her once again. A nurse is being blamed for a man’s broken hip and the one witness they have to prove that the nurse is innocent also just happens to be a woman who is a wanted fugitive for a bombing twenty years ago.

Oh and Ben’s ex-girlfriend is the one trying to sue the nurse. See? Like I said – completely normal.

Speaking of Ben and Kate, I am so confused I don’t know exactly what to think about this whole situation. Do I want Kate and Ben to get together? Or do I want Kate and Justin to get back together? If you’d ask me this question a couple of episodes ago, the answer would have been simple – Kate and Justin all the way.

But the more we’ve learned about Ben, the more he’s grown on me. And last week when Kate was all excited for their date, I started seeing how they could maybe be good together. But then she slept with Justin and now we have ourselves a classic lover’s triangle. I guess I should be happy. The fact that I like both of them means that whichever guy she ends up with, I’ll be happy, right? Though the fact that I like both of them also means that whichever guy she ends up hurting, I’m going to feel heartbroken for them. Dangit, I just can’t win.

My favorite bits..

Leo claiming that he saw an owl at his door, rather than Ben. Sounds feasible to me.

Ben slamming the door in Kate’s face. Is it wrong that I kind of enjoyed that, purely on his behalf?

Leo hooting like an owl.

Kate trying to claim she did nothing wrong? Really?

OMG it’s Fate! Didn’t Castiel kill her..oops, wrong show.

“You just look and sound so sweet, but you’re not are you? Like bees in the shape of a donut.”

“Dipsy doodling”? I have no idea what that means, but I kind of like it.

“She is a hand grenade in a Holly Hobby dress.” – The funniest part of this is that I actually used to own a Holly Hobby doll so I totally got that reference.

“You obviously didn’t have much respect for me. I think that’s why we broke up.” “Really? I thought it was ’cause you’re a basket full of crazy.”

Finding it kind of funny how disturbed Ben is by Beth. I didn’t think any woman could rattle him like that.

Kate trying to drive with two feet at the same time.

Wait. Did Leo just say “Shazbot”?? Just when I think I couldn’t possibly love that man more…..

Leo coming in and standing up for Ben. That was kind of awesome.

“I don’t want to meet in the middle, because that middle sucks.”

“You’re different.”
“He said that?”
“He didn’t have to.” – Kate’s little smile after Leo said that was very sweet. Hope she realizes what she did to him now.

This is so not fair. I’m liking Justin AND Ben. Every time Kate talks to one or the other, I’m on their side. Argh.

Beth remarking that Ben had changed. Hm, interesting.

Whoa! ShirtlessBen! Now THAT was a nice surprise. *fans self* (and yes, I did have to watch that scene a few times, but mostly because I was too distracted the first couple times to actually hear what they were saying to each other).

Kate and Ben detailing all the things they weren’t allowed to say to Christie and her husband.

Kate finally letting the cat out of the bag and admitting out loud that she stood up Ben to sleep with Justin.

Ben pointing out that he deserved Beth’s hatred, but not an innocent woman who did nothing wrong. Aw.

“Wow, looks like a woman finally got under Ben Groman’s skin. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”

Justin leaving the note for Ben and Kate. Clever man!

Kate sitting down to watch her “favorite show.” Haha!

Lauren quoting Cruela De Vil.

Ben watching Kate and Justin walking off holding hands. Ouch.

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Jdub

    Kate and Justin FTW!

  • Anonymous

    I like her with Ben because that’s clearly where the writers are trying to lead us. I just hope that it doesn’t happen soon because I want their chemistry to build up a bit more so it’s realistic – I like seeing them get under the other’s skin! I just hope we don’t see anything too predictable to ruin the romance. I also like that Ben is starting to exhibit some qualities because of Kate’s influence rubbing off on him.

    I personally think that the cases Kate was trying to mediate in the last few episodes (“Shattered” included) took the backseat to Kate and Ben’s blossoming romance…while I like where they are heading I feel as if the legal aspect of the drama is becoming more uninteresting. If I had to pick an episode where I felt the legal aspect was strong and held on to my attention, I’d pick “Gimme Shelter”.

  • Anonymous

    I will sheepishly admit I anxiously waited all week for this episode (yes…lame, I know) and after watching it I sat there and said ‘Huh?’. It bothered me. I had to watch it again, just to figure out why it irked me so much. First the good things, legal case…good turn out, a (relative) win/win considering she did mame a guy but honestly didn’t care about that. This show is about the character relationships. Leo. LEO!! How great is he? (I want to be his friend!) He was a class act and, agreed, the way he stood up for Ben was awesome. AWESOME. The fact that Kate was touched by it was endearing and made me glad. She does like him! Ben was terrific in this episode for many reasons…we saw a gamut of emotions from him and the way his Ex affected him made it hilarious. Loved how he coached Lauren and how he was an all-around good partner in the firm.  Yes, he is evolving but I liked him from the get-go. (Now even more without his shirt on…yummy)  😉  He acted cool with both Kate and Justin and that must have been hard. He was a class act throughout the episode, even taking responsiblity for being a jackass to Beth. Kate, in all her loveliness, with her beautiful hair off of her beautiful face finally, really wasn’t. She was pretty insensitive to Ben’s feelings even after she knew about the midnight Leo-visit.  The way she blurted out she slept with Justin to Ben, was just CRASS.  I honestly had the same look on my face that Ben did. Wow. We are seeing the darker side to her shiney-happy self. I guess that’s it…the way she handled Ben (and his feelings for her) throughout the episode really irked me. Then walking out of the office hand-in-hand with Justin,( flauntingly in front of Ben) like they were going to Prom really took me over the edge. Seriously?? Come on. Now ladies, I too did like Justin, all last season and hoped they would get back together. I have eyes–he is a hottie but he has been an ass to Kate over and over again. And each time she didn’t want to get divorced or wanted to try again, he kept saying that they HAD to move on. He was a jerk about it. Then he admits to cheating on her and easily started dating again. Sorry writers, to go from Kate running out of his office so hurt that she left her shoes behind, like Cinderella, to walking out hand-in-hand is toooo much of a leap for me to take. He didn’t earn it. Aside from helping her on her cases, which always did anyway, he hasn’t made enough of amends to be at the ‘happily dating her again like it’s the first time’ stage…sorry, not buying it. That’s why I’m not a Justin fan. And the fact the Ben and Kate’s kiss was totally swept under the rug and not addressed at all is bizarre to me. Come on, your co-worker kissed you! Anyway, that’s why this episode irked me even though there were a lot of good elements to it. I’m siding with Ben again on this one. I’m getting off my soapbox now Michelle. Thanks for the forum to vent. (Still love this show!) 

  • Sara_j_moran

    @cmc545. I completely agree with you. How could she and Justin just be back in the dating mode? And how on earth could she not acknowledge the kiss or Ben’s obvious feelings for her? I was pretty frustrated with this episode myself, and like you, I waited not so patiently all week for this episode because I figured Ben and Kate would acknowledge what happened between them and what may happen between them. I don’t know how any woman could want to be back with a man who betrayed her the way Justin did. I couldn’t do it, no matter how much I loved him. I would always think that he may stray again and I think I would always have anger towards him for that. I know Ben is a playboy and that in itself would be terrifying, but he obviously is acting different with Kate. I don’t know. I just know that I hope she does not get back with Justin and eventually will give Ben the chance they both deserve to see if their love will blossom. I guess we will see, but I am 100% for BEN and KATE. <3

  • ptjackson

    Yes, Leo did say Shazbot, and yes, as cmc545 said, I want to be his friend in such a bad way. We could totally relate.

    And, you know, I think we need shirtlessBen and shirtlessJustin in one episode so we can…. um, do a really fair evaluation. Oops. Did I say that out loud?

  • Lissy

    Are you girls crazy?! Ben is a weasel!!

    Justin on the other hand had not been anything but amazing with Kate!! Yeah, I know he cheated, not cool at all but lets face it Kate isnt perfect and he could have kept it to himself… But he wanted to be honest and forthcoming with Kate if they were gonna try again so he manned up and admitted his wrong doing… Which is admirable.

    Ben is not all bad but
    is not good for Kate. This love triangle thing makes good tv but i’ll be truly disappointed if the writes are as predictable as you are all saying and Kates end up with Ben! The purpose of Ben in this show is to make Justin jealous and for Kate to finally realize that she loves Justin…

    By the way how can you say that Justin has been an ass to Kate when over and over he goes above and beyond to help her out… He is always on her side!!

    And nothing says it better than after they spent the night together when she is getting up from bed and he asked her to stay and she says she have to go home and change and he says “Kate don’t ever change” Justin loves her for being her with all her craziness and even if she is constantly putting him on a tough spot…

    I honestly dont understand how you girls cant see that!!

    • cmc545

      Lissy, we are divided on this one.  🙂  Last year I had wished they would get back together too but the last episode of Season 1 did Justin in for me. Then this year he just dug himself deeper and deeper. Go back and watch it and see what a j–ass he is to her over the whole pregnancy dilemma. He was a jerk at a time when she really needed him; it was a big deal and a turning point in their relationship.  Is she a mess? No doubt but it’s part of her charm and he knew that and knew what he got into with her. So to keep holding her ‘way of being’ against her just isn’t right, Justin-Justice, Mr. Black & White.

      Then go to Season 2  ep 1 when he was beat up in the hospital…she still loves him, of course. It’s her husband. She doesn’t want to get divorced and wanted to give it another try and what does he say? ” We’ve got to move on…I don’t want to keep rehashing it anymore.” Black & white again. Then later he decides to fess up about the cheating…marginally admirable, way, way after the fact. Hurt and betrayed, she runs, understandably so…it’s her thing. When she countersigned the divorce papers and gave them to him in the hospital at the end, he seems shocked and hurt.  Are you kidding?? He has been asking for this all along and now he’s surprised? I don’t doubt that he cares about her, even still loves her, but he is toooo inflexible for her all-over-the-place personality and was never willing to do the work on their marriage when she kept asking him to. And, oh, he is ready to date again as soon as the ink was dry, even almost giving her ‘permission’ so as to ease his actions.

      Subsequent episodes she tries but can’t forgive him yet they still manage to work together. Big deal. He’s the ADA and she’s a Mediator–that’s his job to make deals and the reality is, she is ‘right’ in her cases 99% of the time and ends up with a win/win anyway, so not such a stretch. Again, I go back to not seeing where the writers really worked out Kate and Justin’s issues to the point that Boom! on the night of her date which, by the way, she was excited about, she just jumps him and spends the night. Then as I said, the hand-holding was over the top for me. Paleeez. 

      I think Justin is ‘easy’ for her and a ‘known’ versus Ben who is a risk by being an unknown. She is scared of him and I think scared that she actually is liking him. They definitely fit together better and he is not the weasel he was so blatantly portrayed to be. The reality is that she is actually good for him and has gotten under his skin, so now we are seeing his softer side as he lets his guard down. Remember he is just as scared (remember the fiance story?) as she is about relationships which is why he is in shallow, vacant ones most of the time. No risk.  I don’t think Kate will be able to trust Justin anymore since she is all about loyalty and the truth. Considering her stance on things though, it surprises me how cavalier she has been with Ben’s feelings. That part, I don’t get. I mean, even Leo is trying to get it through to her that she should talk to Ben…that this is ‘different’.

      She’s mess, yes. Doesn’t know what to do and is definitely interested in both of them for different reasons. Should make for interesting viewing as she plays them off each other. Wish Justin really ‘earned’ it…not just reading a warrant and then gets his bones jumped. Again, he is easy for her. He will have to do more than the basic ADA stuff to make me think he really should be with her.  I’m loving Ben for all the subtle reasons that you are missing. Anyway, that’s my two cents. 🙂  Happy viewing! 

  • ptjackson

     You know, I do like Justin better, but honestly, the one person I
    am growing annoyed with is Kate. She leaves with Justin, holding hands,
    and yet keeps looking back at Ben, and I did not see that as her rubbing
    it in, but rather as her own indecision. I don’t think she is treating either guy fairly. 

    Justin cheated, and I understand just how serious that is, but people can change, so if she can get over the hurt, there could be a future for them. But, it seems like she just cannot decide between the two, and so is stringing them both along, and that is really not fair to either of them.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I have to agree with you about Kate. I thought it was just me, but her fun silliness wasn’t *quite* as funny after she did what she did to Ben. And yes, she really is treating them both like crap. She’s lead them both on and whoever she doesn’t choose is going to be hurt. That’s going to be on her shoulders. 

      • cmc545

        Yep, I totally agree with you. It’s not a nice side of Kate that we are seeing. And considering how she fights for truth and wants to nice and fair to her clients, etc…she was awful to Ben and undeservedly so. He had been helping her and was on her side for all those cases and she really treated him like crap.  

  • HHL

    Ben is looking lecherous on the June 1 episode 11. Whoa! I like him.