‘Breakout Kings’ Cancelled – It’s Official


The A&E drama Breakout Kings received disappointing news today with the show’s cancellation coming after a cliffhanger second season ender last month.

The premise behind ‘Breakout Kings’ was about a squad of U.S. marshals who team up with cons (former fugitives) to work together on tracking down prison escapees in exchange for getting time off their sentences. Originally, the show was passed on by FOX despite strong testing; then A&E stepped in and picked the show up. The cast of ‘Breakout Kings’ included Laz Alonso, Domenick Lombardozzi, Brooke Nevin, Malcolm Goodwin, Jimmi Simpson and Serinda Swan.

During its two season run, ‘Breakout Kings’ averaged approximately 1.7 million viewers, which is considerably lower than the average viewership for the network’s other drama ‘The Glades’ that averaged about 2.5 million viewers over its run.

[Source: Deadline]

  • Libbyc

    Damn! I liked this show. It was really flawed characters that you grew to love in a very short time.

  • KariB57

    Gosh Darnit!! Another show I liked cancelled. This one and Awake were really getting good. I hate investing myself in shows that end up gone. I’m still mourning Life. SHoot!

  • Marleenandlouie

    Dagnabbit (Can’t swear) Is A&E owned by NBC who cancels everything good?  If A&E had marketed this excellent show or moved it to a time when their wasn’t 10 other shows competing for the time slot maybe the viewship would have been much larger.  I am so disappointed and sad.

  • Michelleann

    This is very disappointing news.  The show was not perfect, but it was a good show and was finally finding its feet.  I will miss it.

  • grut5656

    I liked the show but i liked glades too

  • Ryetyemom

    Why, why do they always cancel the shows I like. Please reconsider this decision, it was a fun show to watch and now they are leaving us hanging.

  • Brandiburleigh

    WHAT! I loved that show! Loved the quirky characters and their relationships! My husband and I are so mad that it got canceled! We really liked it. And just to note, we never watched the “GLADES”… Maybe if they advertised the show better, they would have more viewers because the show was awesome and shouldn’t of been canceled!!!!

  • Figures, stupid networks cancel anything that is worthwhile watching, and this is why I am getting rid of cable too. This was one of my favorite shows.  I used to think A&E was a decent network, they suck as bad as the rest now.

  • Anabel944

    I am so disappointed! I really enjoyed this show & the actors.

  • Linda Richards71

    This isn’t a great way to start a Monday, with news like this.   I really liked this show, it was one of our favorites.   Now cancelled, it’s a shame.

  • Togah

    Oh come on! I loved this show. It really bites how they cancelled it on a cliff hanger. Ugh. 

  • SLB

    It really sucks that this show has been canceled. I only found the show half way through the second season and now its gone. A&E is not on my list of preferred networks.

  • Missminx1991

    only just found the show. bought the dvd 2 days ago, finished it and want more …. and its cancelled. nnnnoooooooooooooooo!!! 

  • ROAR!!! I canot believe this crap. I Ioved this show. What a bunch of duches.