30 Rock “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” Review

30 Rock What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year? Season 6 Episode 22 (5)
First question/observation- who in the world is coming through Liz Lemon’s window daily to greet her with a wake up kiss?!?!

It looks like this week’s episode of 30 Rock picked up right where we left off as Criss is still sporting bruises from his fuzzy muppet beating and as determined as ever to earn his keep as a man by selling hot dogs.

Despite Liz’s pop culture-based warnings against it, Avery and Jack are renewing their vows. In need of an officiate, Jack asks Liz to perform the ceremony and we get a really funny snapshot into what “marital bliss” looks like. Indeed, it was strange to imagine Jack and Avery renewing their vows in front of her mother, who Jack kissed. By the way, I loved Liz’s plans to use Jack’s Yankees tickets on A-Rod bobble head for the sole purpose of throwing it in front of a subway because she’s a Phillies fans. I’m not a big baseball fan but as a Philadelphia resident, I appreciate her loyalty. Despite Avery’s forgiveness, things were as awkward as ever with her mother.

It wouldn’t be an episode of 30 Rock without Tracy’s shenanigans. He somehow managed to get himself named as man of the year by the Aryan Patriot Party. Even more ridiculous was the notion that Tracy would seriously consider going to the awards banquet. Surely that could not end well.

Avery and Scott were doing the press rounds on their North Korean ordeal. We learned that Scott was forced to beat his friend to death, which he then strangely described as “awkward.” While observing their interviews Jack picked up on what appeared to be coded, non-verbal exchanges between Avery and Scott. After all of the revelations between the pair, the renewal ceremony turned into a surprise divorce ceremony.

– Criss naming his van the “Van Der Beek” because he’s seen everything the actor has been in – except Dawson’s Creek.

– “I’m not one to bail Criss, I’m still watching Smash!”

– I will never unsee the image of Hazel taking a “bird bath” in the kitchen sink at the TGS studios.

– “What Bill O’Reilly erotic novel are you living in?” – Please tell me this was a joke and this is not a real thing.

– I will also never unsee the awkward kiss between Kenneth and Hazel. Woof.

– Tracy mistaking Dr. Cornel West for Questlove. I guess they do both have big hair. What the hell was Dr. West doing on 30 Rock?

After several funny episodes, the season finale felt a little hit or miss. What did you think of this week’s episode of 30 Rock? Sound off below.

  • I thought the episode was a good one — watched it again this morning, and there’s quite a bit to digest, for sure.  For example, are we sure Criss didn’t really rob the bank after all?? That would be Liz’s luck. I love this show.  Always have, always will.  Sad to see it go, but its last year will be a delight, I’m sure!

  • Nosgoth1979

    Yeah, this season had some great moments, but it just wasn’t
    quite ‘there’ most of the time. This season finale was pretty funny though. I also
    think it’s worth noting that 30 Rock is STILL one of my ‘can’t miss’ shows,
    which is why I was really down that I missed this episode when it aired. Fortunately,
    I have PrimeTime Anytime enabled on my DVR, so it recorded it automatically. Even
    better, because the Auto Hop feature was recently added to the Hopper, I had
    the option to skip through the commercials automatically. It’s nice to jump
    through the commercials without constantly having to smash the Skip Forward
    button on my remote, and it made me even more appreciative that one of my
    coworkers at Dish convinced me to get a Hopper. I liked watching it this way so
    much, I may just wait until the next day and watch all of next season without
    the commercials.