Person of Interest “Firewall” Review

Person of Interest Season Finale Firewall Episode 23 (10)

This is it, you guys! Person of Interest is ending it’s solid first season with tonight’s episode: “Firewall”. Reese and Finch have been through a lot in the last 22 episodes, and it looks like it’s all coming to a head in tonight’s finale. What’s going to happen? Is Finch’s machine going to be discovered? Is anybody going to die? Read on to find out!

We’re quickly introduced to the lovely Caroline Turing. Caroline is a psychologist to several high-profile New York mobsters, and apparently she’s a little too good at her job as she’s getting close to unearthing some nasty secrets.

Although there’s a lot more going on tonight besides Reese having to save our PoI. Fusco is climbing the ladder with the seedy HR, Finch is being followed by that paranoid NSA agent Alysha from last week, and now the FBI is on Reese’s tail! Reese and Finch definitely have their hands full!

Paige Turco (AKA April O’Neil) returned this week to reprise her role as Reese’s friend Zoe Morgan. She’s hired by the boys to help figure out who HR hired to kill Caroline. However, Zoe and Alysha’s stories were really the only two this week that weren’t all converging on the same hotel.

Sometimes this show can feel a bit disjointed, with all of the characters sometimes having different motives and enemies. However, tonight’s episode brought it all together wonderfully. Fusco is working as a double agent with HR, the FBI is trying to find Reese, Carter is trying to disrupt the FBI, Finch is trying to help Reese, and Reese is just trying to keep himself and Caroline alive! Whew! It was so awesome seeing all of these different storylines all converge on Reese and Caroline in the hotel. Everything just came together so well to make this one of the best person of interest cases yet!

Not only that, but we got some huge steps forward in the overall mythology of the show. I genuinely couldn’t believe that Fusco and Carter found out about each other, but man was that a satisfying scene! As a fan of the show, I’ve been wanting these two to learn the truth for a long time. However, as a critic of the show, I always figured that they’d hold onto this for season two. The fact that this all came together with Fusco and Carter saving Finch, driving in with their guns blazing, was just freaking awesome.

Alysha confronting Finch was another big moment for the overall mythology of the show, although the actual scene kind of missed the mark. We don’t know Alysha that well, and I didn’t really understand why she was so emotional about it either, but it doesn’t matter. Caroline Turing comes out of nowhere and shot her in the back of the head! The twist that Caroline actually put the hit on herself was completely unexpected and very well done, and it all leads to the big cliffhanger. Finch has been kidnapped, and Reese makes an impassioned plea to a camera to have somebody save him. Who is he talking to? It looks like we have the rest of the summer to debate, and I’ll see you all in the fall!

Random Thoughts:

– It really bothers me when TV stations put hashtags at the bottom of the screen. I don’t mind when they put the title of the show or the episode, but when they tell us to hashtag episode specific events like #Reeseontherun, it bugs me.

– I thought it was a bit odd that Finch was so nervously reminding Reese not to tell Caroline too much in his session. Was he really concerned that Reese was just going to go ahead and spill all the beans? The guy isn’t stupid.

– Somebody needs to start an official Person of Interest drinking game. Take a shot every time Reese kneecaps somebody, or every time a car blows up. What else could we add to the list?