Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 “It’s Just Sex…” Review – Can June Just Have Casual Sex?

Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23 (ABC) It's Just Sex Episode 6

June (Dreama Walker) is a lot of things, but a person that’s comfortable with just casual sex is not one of them. This week on Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23 Chloe (Krysten Ritter) takes it upon herself to take June under her wing and show her the ropes to casual sex.

Turns out that June has a crush on “Soy Latte Guy” (whose name turns out to be Charles), and using Chloe’s coaching ends up sealing the deal with him after drinks one night. It seems that June might be able to get away with a one night stand deal, until Charles calls her the next day because his parrot flew the coop… and yes, I mean that literally.

Before she knows it, June and Charles are knee deep in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, much to Chloe’s disdain. June does end up breaking it off with latte boy (who does have some REALLY nice abs, June was right about that), and Chloe realizes that she actually can have feelings for another person.

Five years ago, Chloe and James made a sex tape, and through a series of events June donated the tape to her pastor who turned around and sold it. James has two options, he can either go with the release of the tape or he can pay a massive fee to have it returned. Thinking that it might help him on Dancing with the Stars, James decides to go with the release… but he needs to re-shoot a few scenes, which means he and Chloe need to have sex. Again.

This is where the pair realizes that they actually like each other and can’t sleep together. As Chloe says to James “June’s stupid feelings have rubbed off on me!” It’s always nice to see Chloe show some sort of human side.

Honestly, there isn’t anything bad about Apartment 23. The show is hysterical, and while I tend to relate to the wide eyed June a little bit more than I care to admit, her naivete and childlike wonder are part of the reason the show works so well. Add to it Chloe’s venom and her “screw the world” attitude and it’s a recipe for comedy perfection.

I can’t decide why I love Chloe as much as I do – she’s not nice, she’s self centered, but under it all (like we saw in tonight’s episode) she does care about her friends, and will do anything for them.

My favorite quotes of “It’s Just Sex…”:

  • “Oh! Why are you dressed like a mechanic?!”
  • “That’s going on the comment card.”
  • “Ahhhhh! Kill it!”
  • “You don’t play Birmingham twice, June!”
  • “I look like serial killer licking my lips every three seconds.”
  • I honestly can’t wait for more of Apartment 23 and am beyond thrilled it was renewed for a second season!

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