NCIS Season 9 Finale “Till Death Do Us Part” Review – So Many Lives in Danger!

NCIS (CBS) Till Death Do Us Part

Tonight’s season finale of NCIS, called “Till Death Do Us Part,” starts out not too long after last week’s episode left off. The team is searching for Vance and while I expected that hunt to take nearly all, or maybe at least half, of the episode, it is actually handled pretty fast.

Turns out that once again, Dearing doesn’t really want what everyone thinks he does. First it looks like he’s after Vance, but then he lets Vance go almost as soon as he kidnaps him. Then it looked like maybe he was after Ryan but it turned out he just wanted her out of the way.

Again, Dearing is a master of the sleight-of-hand game. Keeping everyone running around looking for the wrong people and following up on the wrong leads. All so he can keep them occupied and make his actual plan work – which is planting a bomb in Vance’s car and setting it off when it’s parked nice and secure in front of the NCIS building.

What happens next was somewhat predictable and yet totally not. Once we heard about the bomb and Cole volunteered to diffuse it, I sort of figured we’d lose him. I also thought there’d be a good chance of a nice big explosion that would probably put a few team members in jeopardy. What I didn’t expect was that it would put ALL of them in danger. But that wasn’t even the kicker. No, the biggest shock came when Ducky got the phone call, standing in his suit and tie on the ocean, and then promptly collapsed in the sand of what I can only assume is a heart attack.

So at this point it looks like the only team member who (hopefully) is safe is Palmer. Everyone else is in mortal danger and that’s where we are left hanging, waiting out the long summer before season 10 premieres.

My favorite bits..

Well, that’s a sure sign this is a finale and that it’s going to be a serious episode – not starting the episode with banter in the squadroom.

I’m with Palmer. Anyone waking up in a casket is just plain creepy.

Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting Gibbs to meet Parker quite like that.

Haha! I think I like this kid. Something tells me he’s gonna give Gibbs a run for his money

Abby being disappointed that their family was going to miss out on some much-needed fun time.

Ah, I knew that was a horse jaw. It looked a little big for a donkey.

Not being at all surprised that Tony was looking for a hard copy of the “steamy” video. That’s our Tony.

“Ah yes, manure and a government pension. What more could a girl ask for?”

Gibbs noticing the horses spooking before anyone else on the team did. Thank goodness he did, too.

“You’re always an agent, DiNozzo.”

Gibbs’ little grin when Vance made the crack about him and ex-wives.

“Hey Leon, if it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t take a bullet for you.” – LOL!

Aw, poor Jimmy. The way his voice broke when he said “I guess it wasn’t meant to be” just killed me.

“I want to sing ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ to my bride. Sue me!”

Jimmy correcting Ducky to point out that protecting those who protect them was on BOTH their shoulders.

Awwww! A Jimmy and Ducky hug! Sooooo sweet.

“What if I was indisposed?”
“That would be even better.”
“Down boy.”

Ryan naming her computer “Lucy” after the Peanuts character. That’s pretty awesome.

Dearing calling Ryan.

Awww…everyone going in for a “group grope.” – LOL!

“What’s the catch?”
“You could get killed.”
“That’s not the catch, that’s the fun.”

Whoa. Dearing got Ryan’s ex-husband out of jail? This guy is diabolical.

Oh noes. Poor Gibbs. I guess I should have known that this thing with Ryan might not last.

That “phoof” of Ducky kind of making me nervous.

Tony and Ziva trying to convince each other why weddings were annoying, but coming up with reasons why they liked them instead.

Jimmy telling Breena that his family wasn’t with him and he wanted to get back home to help them. Aw.

McGee making me very nervous by sticking around to save everything on his computer.

Ziva grabbing Tony’s arm and refusing to go without him.

Oh boy. Something tells me we’re not going to see Cole after this.

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! They end it there?? Seriously???

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Ann

    Horrible scene with Ducky on the beach. Heartbreaking… And Gibbs protecting Abby from the explosion, that was so cool! But they were so close from the explosion I’m afraid they could be hurt! And McGee’s head being snapped back. Very worried about those 4. Especially Ducky. I think Tony and Ziva will probably be bruised, but what stupid idea to take the elevator during an alert! Come on!

  • Anonymous

    WTF!!!  I thought that David McCallum had signed a contract for another two seasons???  Really – he has been killed off.  Remember a couple of weeks ago I was worried about him? 

    It was a great episode and now we have to wait all summer – sigh…

    Thanks for reviewing.  

    • Lavergne Su

      That’s why they call it a cliff hanger … you don’t know, and you’ll have to wait until the season resumes to find out. I’m guess he had a stroke and not a heart attack, so I expect him to survive, although with some level of function (movement, speech). 

  • katesari

    WOW!!! This is so not what I expected to happen. I´m still slightly shaking from watching the ending. This is going to be…….. a VERY long summer!! I´m hoping they all make it out of this, but most afraid for Ducky because he is alone. Can´t wait for the new season in September, but we have to. Bye

  • eri

    I wouldn’t bank on Palmer being safe–writers only have 42 minutes screen time to work with in a finale, so every scene should be important–meaning that Jimmy’s asking his bride to marry him quickly so he could ‘get back’ might be foreshadowing. I hate we have to wait until September to find out!

  • Tara

    what an ending! It’s going to be a longgggg summer!

  • Bthornblom

    I hope that Jimmy finds Ducky on the beach, because he is going to go back to NCIS to help with the case. I am really affraid for McGee he had the window blow right in the face. Gibbs will protect Abby and Tony and Ziza will maybe have their first kiss.  But this is really heart pounding because you think of them as part of your family every Tuesday night.

  • steph

    Noooo, Ducky… I hope David McCallum really signed that new contract!!! I’m also worried about McGee, he seemed to have been hit the worst. Well you already said it – looooong summer!

    On another note, how is it possible that it takes so long to evacuate one stupid building? Those are all trained agents, they should be prepared for that kind of thing – so why did Tony and Ziva have to pull people out of their offices after the alarm, and why was Abby still there? Come on!

    • Anonymous

      Ducky signed the new contract.  Both he and Palmer will be back next season.  Do a Google search and you will find an article saying pretty much how the next season will progress.  

      • steph

        Yeah I know, we’ve been talking about that on the last review too 😉 I was just wondering if maybe they said he signed so that it would be more of a shock if he didn’t come back, but now that I think about it I guess they wouldn’t do stuff like that… I hope 😀

        • ptjackson

           Hah, you think like my husband – who said the same thing basically, that they announced he signed the contract as a mislead. Hope he’s wrong!

          • steph

            Lol yeah I hope he’s wrong too 😉 But have they ever done that? Somehow I don’t think they would… Besides, he’s a fan favorite, and it wouldn’t make sense killing him off that way – natural causes, no enemy to hate and hunt down (like with Kate or Franks…). And after reading that new interview with Mark Harmon where he kept going on about the “four of them that have been there from the beginning”, which included David, I’m even more optimistic 🙂

            • ptjackson

               I’m with you – and putting my fingers in my ears and humming loudly when anyone else says differently. 😎

              • steph

                I should have read this earlier: 

                It’s an interview with Gary Glasberg (on, and it answers almost all questions 🙂 (Spoiler alert if you don’t want to be sure how it plays out 😉

                • ptjackson

                   Oh, THANK YOU! I feel much better now. Now I won’t be biting my nails all summer!!

                  • steph

                    Me too, so glad I found that interview! And you’re welcome 🙂

  • DemocratDarling

    I have faith that Ducky will be back. On West Wing, Leo had an enormous heart attack in the middle of the woods and he lived on. It was a great opportunity to shake up the characters on the show. I’m hoping it means we get more Palmer in season 10!

    Also, I wonder of Gibbs givi his knife to Cole right before the explosion is going to be significant in the beginning of the season. Can’t wait until Sept!!

  • will thay be another season of NCIS

  • AnneWat222

    Noooooooooooooo Not Ducky!!!!!

  • maestra281

    Totally unexpected……I hope Ducky is all right.

  • This IS my favorite show and the only one I watch really!!!  BUT sad to say I missed this…this week!!!  AND I am sad after I read the comments posted above!!! : (  🙁  🙁   Kathi from Kansas 🙂 🙂 🙂 

  • ColoradoTerry

    As poster Eri says, we can’t be sure about Jimmy.  He was leaving to go back to his “family”, and the explosion may have occurred just as he was getting back.  I’m wondering if McGee’s injuries are such that he may have had severe burns of his face, and perhaps another actor is going to take his place next season???    Has he re-signed a contract?  So many possibilities!!

    • Anonymous

      Jimmy is fine – I read an article on another site that both Ducky and Jimmy are alive next season.  Ducky is dealing with some “challenges” which Jimmy helps him through.  I tried to post a link but I guess they don’t want a link to another site.  Try going to but join it all together as a web address tv fanatic.  Good luck

      • Hi Chris1215tine,

        Your comment was caught in our spam filter, sorry 🙁 But it has now been approved. Thanks for sharing the info 🙂

  • Lastcastle2002

    Please don’t leave Ducky on the beach to die!! Jimmy needs to find him, get him to a hospital and then Jimmy goes to work on the autopsies

  • Oldrope615

    One of the best season finale’s, did check online about Ducky! he CANNOT leave, but  fear he is gone and/but will still be one the show haunting and troubling Gibbs(sinece he has that 2yr contract)…like Kate did. I live for Tuesdays and NCIS!

  • Marla4

    I read that everyone signed a new contract for two more years.

  • Alex

    Ducky having some sort of heart attack was heartbreaking. I feel bad that when former watcher fleet guy, Cole, he was trying to stop it, and told Gibbs to save Abby. McGee kinda flew back when it explode so who knows about him, Ziva and Tony will likely have nothing more serious than some bruises. Abby will be fine (Gibbs shielded her) we have no ideas about Gibbs though. Palmer said he wanted to come back to NCIS and marry early. There is a lot of speculation/theories out there so heres my top two: Palmer is on beach (with out without new wife) sees Ducky and starts CPR…or Palmer came back and could have gotten hurt by explosion.  

  • Jane Coppola doe

    WTF!!!! is this how it’s realy going to end….. It’s so horrible… This is not what I’ve expected