NCIS Boss Gives Teasers About Tonight’s Finale, Hints About Next Season, and More

NCIS (CBS) Till Death Do Us Part

It’s been a long time coming, but tonight marks the season finale for NCIS and I don’t know about you folks, but I’m so excited for it I’m just about ready to dive through my television. Last week Executive Producer for the series, Gary Glasberg, talked to us about tonight’s finale, some things we can maybe expect next season, as well as what it’s like to work on a series that has been on the air for 9 seasons.

First up, here are some teasers from Gary about tonight’s finale.

– Last week’s op is the only version of Jimmy’s bachelor party we will see. Abby’s version will (sadly) happen off screen. However, we will see Jimmy’s wedding in the episode.

– The finale will have moments that speak to the volatile relationship between Gibbs and Dr. Ryan.

Here is the rest of what Gary had to say about next season, as well as the show in general.

Sean Astin may come back next season.

The cast and crew really enjoy working with Robert Wagner. Gary referred to him as a “consummate professional” that everyone would love to have back on the show again.

They work hard to keep the show as current as possible, even going so far as to digitally add a line through the picture of Osama Bin Laden on the NCIS wall when the episode where it appeared was filmed well before his capture.

Gary praised the cast of NCIS over and over again, talking about how well they can mix up the serious character stuff with action and comedy. That they can be joking and bantering one second and then turn on a dime to be discussing the case the next second. He said not every cast can do that and remarked that the reason for the success of this show is due to its cast.

Gary’s goal is to give people something fun and different on their TV screens and keep them on the edge of their seats with the best story he can.

Regarding all the movie references that Tony spouts off, Gary said that many of the writers are movie geeks themselves and come up with a lot of them. But he also said that Michael Weatherly watches a ton of movies too and will often come to set with a different reference than what is in the script – in which case, they’ll usually end up liking his idea better and will use it in the episode.

When asked about how different it is to shoot the series compared to the first seasons, Gary said that these days they spend more time on character development. Plus he said some of the perks of being on a series that has been around this long is that you can make references that date back quite a few years, which can’t be done on a lot of shows. He also said that it is “amazing” to be part of a show that has been on for this long; and yet when they meet in the writer’s room, they still have plenty of ideas.

Another perk to making NCIS for Gary is the fact that he’s been able to build a relationship with people like the real-life Secretary of the Navy and still remembers the first time he took his call. He also told us that they have a constant stream of military visitors to the set, remarking that their door is always open to them.

He told us that the writers do go online as much as they can to see what fans are saying about the show and to see their response, but was quick to point out that doing this doesn’t influence the show so much as inform them of what the fans are thinking.

Don’t forget to watch the season finale of NCIS tonight at 8pm on CBS. Afterwards, be sure to come back here to TV Equals to see my full review of the episode and to let me know what you thought of it.

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