Hawaii Five-0 Season Finale “Ua Hala” Review – How Will (Spoiler) Survive??

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Finale: Ua Hala (Season 2 Episode 23)

If you read my interview with the H50 show runners about last night’s finale of Hawaii Five-0, called “Ua Hala” (which means “Death in the Family”), then you may have been slightly prepared for the stress levels you experienced during this episode. If you didn’t read it, then I hope that this one didn’t leave you as freaked out as it did when I watched it the first time.

Last year’s finale was pretty powerful, but this one definitely topped it and also makes me wonder how they’re going to do it again next year. I mean if they keep this up, every season finale is going to leave me suffering from palpitations. Much as the previews promised, we did indeed lose a team member, though I doubt anyone was predicting that it would be Fryer. After that, things continue to get more and more serious for the team as it becomes clear that someone is out for revenge against the unit.

When the apparent culprit is captured, everything seemingly calm down, allowing Danny and Steve to deal with issues of a more personal nature. Served with custody modification papers, Danny is forced to take on his ex-wife and her husband as they decide to move with his daughter yet again. Meanwhile, Steve is told by Joe that he will finally get the answers that he’s been longing for if he goes back to Japan. What he finds there is the identity of Shelburne – who turns out to be his mother.

While those two are otherwise occupied, that’s when the real bad guy shows up. Turns out the chick behind the first couple attacks was a nobody; just a set-up to get Delano out of jail. Once he’s out, Delano takes both Kono and Malia hostage and forces Chinn to make a choice: save one or the other, but not both.

In the end, Kono’s fate is left in the air as she has just been thrown into the water with no apparent way to survive. Now we’re left to wonder what will happen next year. Can Chin somehow save Kono? Also, what is going to happen to Steve now that he’s found his mother? Can he protect her or will finding her put her in even more danger?

These are the questions that I’m sure we’ll all be asking over this very long summer. But if you want some hints about next season, be sure to check out my follow-up article with the Hawaii Five-0 bosses here.

My favorite bits…

Okay, whoa. Just who is watching all the team members?

Aw, poor Danny. Child custody modification? That sucks.

Oh wow! I did not expect the chief to ever go down like that.

Joe flat out admitting that he was the one who moved Shelburne from place to place so Steve couldn’t find him. Whoa.

No! No! No! Not Max!

“Oh perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s the white one.” – Haha! You gotta admit though, it was a pretty ingenious plan.

Hmm…am I the only one who doesn’t trust that chick that Steve ran into in the hallway?

YES!! I knew it!!

Thinking that anytime someone says “Do you smell that?” it never turns out good.

Fun fact: That bandage on Chin’s chest? It wasn’t in the scene originally. They put it in digitally. How cool is that? If I hadn’t known, I never would have been able to tell.

All of Steve’s suggestions as to how he could drive the car and yet let Danny have his privacy. My favorite was putting his head out the window and driving with his feet. I have no doubt that he has excellent toe control.

Danny accusing Steve of giving him the ‘Navy Seal death stare.’

“There is no ‘my own’ in a friendship. Your problems become my problems.” – Aww.

Angry, vengeful ghost? Uh oh..get the salt guys!

Kamekona coming to visit Max with balloons…and shrimp. What else?

“Delano give you anything?”
“Besides attitude? No.”

Yeah, I knew she was going to shoot him in the back of the head.

“Body armor works.” – Thank god!

Danny pleading with Steve not to do anything stupid. Sorry Danny, but when has that ever worked?

“That’s for Fryer.”

McGarrett wisely deciding to call Danny this time before heading off to Japan.

Danny bringing Grace to his favorite spot and then calling Rachel to let her know that he was fighting the custody modification. Whoa.

Finding out who was really after revenge and who they wanted revenge against. Oh man, poor Chin.

Kono!!! Okay seriously, my heart can’t take much more of this. I feel like jumping through the TV and diving in the water to help her.

Steve’s Mom??? Holy crap!

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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