The Simpsons “Ned ‘N’ Edna’s Blend” Review

The Simpsons have had great opening sequences this season, including this week’s helicopter/Avatar gag complete with 3-D glasses. It is quite the impressive feat for a show now in it’s twenty-third season.

True to The Simpsons use of a random beginning premise as a device plot for the main story, this week’s episode began with the family auditioning for a Passion play that culminated in the revelation that Ned and Edna were officially wed. Before discussing the newlyweds, I must note a few hilarious things that took place at the auditions:

– Milhouse’s audition outfit, complete with pink leg warmers.

– Bart eating leprosy sores in preparation for his audition. At least we think it was in preparation for the audition.

– Homer’s newly discovered passion for playing Jesus after learning that he would walk around barefoot, turn water into wine and have an all-night dinner on the eve of his betrayal and murder.

– Much to Ned’s surprise, Homer gave a great performance as Jesus. In fact, it was so convincing that Professor Frink rescinded his belief in science.

– I loved the director’s improvisation when Homer’s cross broke.

– “Mmmmmm…historically inaccurate.” Homer’s delight in eating his hat, which turned out to be a crown of thorns made from licorice.

Thanks to Ned and Edna’s nuptials, we got another chance to see Ned’s crazy hipster parents who smoked their marriage license. The Simpsons, well mostly Marge, threw the new couple a reception to celebrate their union. Ned and Edna were having a difficult time transitioning into family life as his biblical ways clashed with her worldly ways when it came to decisions about Rod and Todd. Things came to a head when Edna agreed to cover for Ned at a parent-teacher conference while Ned was busy with a pro-lefty meeting, which included a “pre-op trans-hander.” Much to her chagrin, Edna learned that the “Hard-ly Boys” were learning a lot of nonsense at their religious-themed school. For example, astronomy was based on a cherub, Earth and Tim Tebow. Edna decided to enroll the boys in, gasp public school – Springfield Hell-ementary. Ned’s fear of public school led to a nightmare with a talking dog, which according to Ned is the spawn of Satan. In the talking dog nightmare, Todd Flanders graduated from an East Coast liberal arts college with a degree in, gasp, comparative religious studies.

Things between the new couple came to a head at The Simpsons‘ party. Thanks to their new public school education, Todd and Rod were rocking temporary tattoos and telling their dad to “chillax.” Oh how I both love and hate that word. Ned took some time away from his family right next door with The Simpsons. While watching Marge and Homer bicker, Ned realized that married life can still be satisfying with a few squabbles. Hooray!

Other funny moments and quotes from this week’s episode of The Simpsons . . .

– “Nedding bells are ringing.”

– “When teach met preach.”

– “Cigarette mommy.”

– “Do-over mommy.”

– Homer’s belief that using all caps online makes an argument convincing and true. Let’s keep him away from Kanye West’s Twitter account. That guy is the king of all-caps rants!

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