Once Upon a Time “A Land Without Magic” Review

Wow. I expected a cliffhanger in the finale of Once Upon a Time, “A Land Without Magic,” but what we ended up with was a gamechanger. A couple of weeks ago, I said that Henry would be the key to turning Emma into a believer and so he was, because after the doctors could find no medical reason for Henry’s apple-induced coma, Emma finally…FINALLY…had to accept the truth about the world and her role in it.

The big surprise of the night was how much Regina was affected by Henry’s condition, to the point where she actually teamed up with Emma in order to save him. She told Emma to go to Mr. Gold (or Rumplestiltskin), who revealed that there was one bit of magic still left in Storybrooke. Remember the potion he made out of Snow and Charming’s hair? Well, in exchange for helping Charming find Snow in Fairytale Land, Charming sealed the potion in Maleficent’s belly…when she was in her dragon form.

Since Regina trapped her oldest frenemy in Storybrooke still as a dragon, Emma’s first task as the savior was to slay Maleficent. I totally loved that she used her semi-automatic in the fight, but I am sad that we will now (probably) only see Sleeping Beauty’s witch in flashbacks.

Of course, being Mr. Gold he had a secret agenda and after tricking Emma, he stole away with the powerful potion, leaving Henry to die in the hospital.

Meanwhile, double-crossed by Regina who cared more about her son than his daughter, Jefferson got into the secret ward beneath the hospital and freed Belle from her prison, with the instructions that she immediately find Mr. Gold and tell him where she’d been and who put her there. Rumple was overcome to see his love again, even though she didn’t remember who he was, but even the joy of the fact that she wasn’t dead didn’t stop him from proceeding with the next phase of his plan.

Back in the hospital, while crying over Henry’s cold little body, Emma kissed her son on the forehead and told him she loved him. True love’s kiss: it doesn’t have to be romantic. With that kiss, a wave of energy radiated out through the town, powerful enough to stop David from leaving for Boston. The curse was broken. Memories were restored. Snow and Charming found each other in the town square. The Blue Fairy, remembering now that she wasn’t actually a nun, advised the Queen to find a good hiding place.

But don’t count Regina out just yet. Almost as soon as the curse was lifted, and Belle could remember her love for Rumple, he poured the potion into the abandoned well in the woods. The whole town was enveloped in a purple cloud that caused Regina to smile wickedly.

Magic. That was Rumple’s play all along…to bring magic into the real world, and he succeeded.

What will this mean for next year? I can only imagine, but I do hope that it means August/Pinocchio can be turned back into a real boy. I think we’d all prefer him that way. I expect we’ll still get flashbacks, only now it will be the characters themselves remembering their past. Regina might rise to dangerous power again. Rumple could rule even more. Or with magic of their own now, good could finally beat back the forces of darkness once and for all.

Tune in next fall. I know I will.

What did you think of the episode…the season? Let me know below!