Hawaii Five-0 Season 3: What You Can Expect According to Hawaii Five-0 Bosses

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Finale: Ua Hala (Season 2 Episode 23)

Now that we’ve all seen the jaw-dropping Hawaii Five-0 season finale promised in our interview with Executive Producer Peter Lenkov and Co-Executive Producer Elwood Reid, I know we’re all probably wondering the same thing – what comes next. Luckily they did give us a few hints and tidbits, and also talked to us about filming the show in general.

First up, here’s what we can expect next season.

– The first episode of next season will resolve the various storylines from the finale, but the impact those incidents had on the characters will continue to affect them.

– Michelle Borth will return next season and join the team full time.

– Fans might be very surprised to see what happens to Wo Fat next season.

– Yes, they would love to have Ed Asner back again.

– They are unsure if there will be another crossover next season. They pointed out that those types of episodes are fun, but also a logistical nightmare – especially with series that are filmed on different continents.

– They are hoping to have James Caan back again next season and report that Caan is interested in coming back, so they have already started plotting out new possible stories for him.

In addition to giving us teasers about last week’s finale and next season, both EP’s also talked about the show in general and what it’s like re-imagining a series based on a show that premiered more than 40 years ago.

– Yes, they have watched the original, but not so much to get story ideas. They do however use the original show to get information to flesh out characters, look for old shooting locations to use again, etc. They are also very proud to have some of the original crew back working on the new show.

– Regarding using characters from the original series, they told us that they play the show as if there was no original Five-0; the team that they created exists today. For instance, when they brought in the character August March and he mentioned that he met McGarrett’s father, it was because McGarrett senior was the cop who drove August to the police station – not because he was any sort of “original Five-0” member.

– They are very proud to see how much the show has become a hit with fans and how some terms from the series have even become household words. Such as other TV shows and movies using “Five-0” as a term for the police, as well as how the word “cargument” has now ended up in common use and even has an entry in the Urban dictionary.

And there you have it, all the information we could possibly need to hold us through what is sure to be a very long summer. Be sure to keep checking back here on TV Equals for the latest news on the next season of Hawaii Five-0 as we get it.

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