Gossip Girl “The Return of the Ring” Review

Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale The Return of the Ring
It can’t be stated enough that this season of Gossip Girl has polarized the fandom, and the finale, “The Return of the Ring,” is probably not going to help mend any fences between the two factions that have emerged. But cheer up, Gossipers. There will be another season, albeit only eleven episodes long. Still, that’s plenty of time for the writers to mess it up and rapidly fix it again.

Anyone who was really looking could have seen that the end of Blair and Dan was coming. She never really kicked Chuck out of her heart, and thanks to GG publishing the pages of her diary that Serena had stored on her stolen laptop, the whole city soon that out. No amount of damage control via her flunkies could undo that.

Still, Blair is nothing if not stubborn, so Serena took it upon herself to successfully seduce Dan and clumsily film it on her phone with the intention of giving it to GG as payback for Blair effectively cutting her out of her life. When Dan caught on after the deed was done, Serena found herself without a boyfriend or a best friend. This led to her taking a train ride out of town, both literally and figuratively thanks to some cocaine she scored from a lovely prince named Zeke. I said I wanted a love interest for her; this wasn’t what I meant.

Meanwhile, as Blair tried to make up her mind, Chuck set up a huge press conference for his father’s return, only to be immediately betrayed by the man and forced out of Bass Industries. Hearing Bart blast him for not being a man because of his love for/obsession with Blair made Chuck turn on her when she finally came to him and told him she wanted to be with him again. I cringed, I swear; it was a painful scene for so many reasons, not all of them character related. It says something about my faith in the show that I instantly started resigning myself to another season of Chuck-Blair separation and mutual destruction.

But all was not lost. When Blair traveled to Paris to take over her mother’s company, she wound up in the same casino where Chuck and Jack were gambling to get the money they needed to take back the company. Rather than run back to Dan, she decided to put her money where her mouth was. She bet on her love for Chuck and she was going to fight for him, like he’d been fighting for her all season, through her royal wedding and the temporary insanity that was Dan. There was no kiss of reconciliation, but it wasn’t really necessary. The look on Chuck’s face was enough.

Of course, Dan, once again proving that he really isn’t the better man, immediately turned bitter and hateful and aligned himself with Georgiana in order to write a new version of his book, presumably one where Blair’s character is an out-right villain and Chuck dies of a rare and painful STD. Ah, whatever makes him happy, I guess.

Brooklyn was getting no love this week. Finding herself married to two men (Rufus and Bart), Lily had to choose. When Rufus tried to make that choice for her, she went with Bart, probably because she didn’t know that he’d just betrayed his son, who Lily actually loves like a good parent. It might be the only good thing about Lily, because getting a law firm to take her sister’s case just so that she wouldn’t win is pretty low. But Lola giving her trust fund to Ivy in order to get back at Lily…oy, they’re going to drag this plot line out to the very end, aren’t they?

As for Nate…um…he looked pretty. That’s just about all he does these days.

So, we pretty much ended the season exactly where the show started. Makes me wonder what will happen in eleven episodes that will tie up the entire show in a satisfying way that makes me feel these characters have had some small amount of growth over six years. Will you come back next year to see, Gossipers? If so, I’ll see you then.

What did you think of the episode…the season? Let me know below!

And on a personal note, thank you for all of the lively debate, enthusiastic support and, yes, even the flames. It’s a been a fun year!