Finally! TV Hookups We Were Excited to See

Finally! TV Hookups We Were Excited to See
I love reader participation with my columns. I like the interaction I receive from readers when I say something that they find provocative, insulting, controversial, or just plain stupid. I love reader participation so much that I will soon search for a way to run a mailbag column on this site.

(Czar’s note: This also serves as my official pitch to my editors.)

Anyway, given my love of reader participation, you can imagine my delight when this came across my virtual desk.

“This is for the TV Czar. I was wondering if you could make a list of the most anticipated or surprising hookups on TV, in your opinion.”


Ask and you shall receive, Michelle. This week, I’m going to tackle the hookups from this TV season that finally allowed the fans of the show to stop screaming at their televisions.

Will Gardner and Alicia Florrick

THE GOOD WIFE Season Finale "Closing Arguments"

This hookup was definitely the strangest one from a fan perspective. By the end of season two, a lot of people were clamoring for it to happen. They were a boisterous group who were excited to get there way. Then, the backlash came. It turns out there were several people that would rather have seen Alicia go to back to philanderer/husband Peter Florrick.

Something stranger happened after the affair between Will and Alicia finally ended: Most of the fans agreed that we didn’t need to see that again. They wanted to see it happen, but didn’t mind it being over and done with either. Did the fans get something they wanted and realize they didn’t want it? Perhaps. Either that, or all of the women just wanted to live vicariously through Alicia and her office fling. Feel free to weigh in on that one, ladies.

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett

Full disclosure, I don’t watch Castle with any kind of regularity. Still, it’s hard to ignore the Twitter bananza that surrounded their courtship. Though the courtship was maddening for some fans, the collective Twittergasm surrounding their finale make-out session was fairly epic. From what I gathered, it delivered for the fans in a big way. Kudos to the Castle writers, the pressure of putting two characters together can be quite a burden. Now, the hard work begins. Can they save the two from a typical TV fate? Did they potentially ruin their show? Will I stop asking hypothetical questions? Next season should be quite telling (or so I’m told).

Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham

Peter and Olivia - FRINGE

It’s really tough to maintain a relationship when you no longer exist.

That’s the important lesson that we took away from late season 3-early season 4 of Fringe. Some relationships have their issues, but Peter and Olivia have definitely overcome a lot.

(For the record, Peter sleeping with Olivia’s doppelganger because he thought it was his Olivia was a legit excuse. It might not be on Ross/Rachel/Break levels, but it’s close)

Because of all of the trouble surrounding their union, when they finally reunited during this season, it really felt earned. It may be the most earned relationship in the history of television. For crying out loud, Peter STOPPED EXISTING. If nothing else, their relationship certainly put our stupid relationship problems into context. The Czarina may not like that I don’t put my clothes away, but at least I still exist. I assume she’s happy about that.

Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan

Of the four, this one is definitely our most dissected and potentially controversial hookup. For the better part of six seasons, we played the “will they, won’t they” game with these two as we watched them share tender moments at the end of episodes. Hart Hanson even turned the other cast members into proxies for the fans as they desperately tried to convince the two that they should be together. Next thing you know, one awesome sniper shot and a surprise pregnancy lead us to these two happily sharing a home with their brand new baby.

Here’s the problem: The fans felt cheated. They basically skipped the best part of TV relationships where the couple awkwardly tries to adjust to their new circumstances. Instead, everything is sunshine and moonbeams (mostly) inside the household. All they have left to hold over the fans heads is a wedding. Maybe I’m projecting here, but who really cares? That one is not hypothetical. Who out there really cares?


Well, Michelle, there you go. I hope I delivered on your request. If you other column-related requests, I’m happy to take them. Also, feel free to share your favorite TV hookups from this season. Who were you excited to see? See you in the comments.

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