Eureka “Jack of All Trades” Review

Eureka Jack of All Trades Review

The last time Warren Hughes was in Eureka he got to know Sheriff Carter very well, albeit in an unorthodox manner. This week’s Eureka has Warren back in town to see how the Astraeus crew is coping with getting back to the real world. This time though it’s not Warren who’s having identify issues, but Carter and other Eurekans. This puts everyone on edge, because if Warren figures out something is up it could mean everyone’s job. If that didn’t complicate matters enough, there’s still a little bit of uneasiness between some of the couples affected by the Jo/Carter relationship in the Matrix.

The One Where Carter is Everyone and Everyone is Carter

I have to believe that this episode must have been a blast for for the cast and the writers. While usually we see Colin Ferguson’s skills with comedy’s physical side, this time he really does it through acting like the other characters. At the same time you get the other characters on the show behaving like Carter, or in some cases misbehaving, which adds to the funny. I thought the funniest scene of the night was Zane in Carter’s body pulling over the speeding hybrid and getting Carter in trouble. Second favorite was Neil Grayston’s acting when Carter was inside Fargo, especially when he was being tested by Warren. If you check out the episode again just take a moment to see how Colin mimics Fargo’s walking style and Neil suddenly takes the more serious presence of Carter, it’s both funny and brings a level of realism to the mind swaps.

This episode also gave us some closure between the different couples and for some characters. Jo and Allison have buried the hatchet, and Zane and Carter appear to be back in the good graces of their significant others. Granted this came after there seemed to be a lot of close calls of shenanigans between Carter/Jo and Zane/Allison. I imagine we are still going to get back to the whole “Do Jo and Carter have feelings for each other?” thing again, but I like how the writers handled that scene with Jo and Allison in Carter’s body.

The use of reactivating the Matrix computer as the cause behind all the brain swaps was very cool. You would expect people like the scientists in Eureka to still want to poke and prod into the computer and the Matrix program to see what makes it tick, not just put in storage like Fargo initially wanted. Having Fargo make the call to shut it down was a nice way to present him getting some closure, though I think there’s something more to it. We also got to understand a little more about how the Zeta waves and exposure to the Matrix affected the different crew members, and in Carter’s case made his brain a type of Wi-Fi hotspot (great line!).

The Return of Warren Hughes

Wallace Shawn is one of my favorite guest stars on Eureka, he was hilarious in last season’s episode “This One Time At Space Camp…”. This time around he didn’t play as big a part in the story, but was still funny to watch. I liked how the writers used him as a way to force Carter (and whoever Carter was switching places with) to keep up appearances and try to fake his way through the review process. My favorite Warren scene was when he decided to perform Fargo’s review during laser tag, it was unexpected and I was kinda surprised by how well Wallace can move! There was also a nice shout out to Wallace’s last time in Eureka when he greets Carter and Allison like they are old friends. I know it’s unlikely since its the last season of Eureka, but hopefully we get to see him one more time before it’s all over?

What May Come

I thought by this episode we would be past the Matrix and how it affected the Astraeus crew, but it seems like we may be seeing some more after effects in future episodes. I think now that Zane found that there is a digital Holly still in the Matrix, Fargo is going to be driven to get back into the Matrix and find her. Though what will he do if he does find her? Knowing Fargo it will probably be spectacular and likely lead to Carter’s Jeep being destroyed (which once again did not happen this week!).

Grace leaving town for a while to take a break from everything sounds like the right move. You could see that she’s having a hard time adjusting back to normal life while at the same time dealing with all the craziness that is normally going on in Eureka (not to mention being relationship counselor to Allison). I’m sure she’ll be back before the end of the season, but I wonder if this means that something may happen with Henry?

Then there’s the big proposal. I thought Carter would finally pop the question to Allison (well we were running out of episodes for him to get to it) but I was surprised to see it suddenly at the end of the episode. The scene itself was very sweet and even included an impromptu curly fry engagement ring. I’m guessing this means we’ll finally get a real Carter/Allison wedding by the end of the season, though I have a thought that the conversation with Jo from earlier in the episode may come back and haunt Allison.

One last note, congratulations to Jaime Paglia for his directorial debut. While he’s one of the creators of Eureka, an Executive Producer, and a writer for the show, I have to say that tonight’s episode was a smashing success.

My Favorite Parts from “Jack of All Trades”:

– “Hey! My favorite couple!” – Warren to Carter and Allison
– The exploding teleported meat… disgusting but funny as hell
– “What the frak?!” Fargo when he becomes Carter
– “Butterfly Dog” – what Carter trapped in Fargo’s body sees in Warren’s picture test (I think it was a picture of a mountain)
– “Oh my God! It’s my worst nightmare” Carter when he realizes he’s Fargo
– “Is this my joking face?! No, this is not my face at all!” Carter as Fargo
– “Hey, I believe in manscaping.” Zane as Carter
– “I’m hideous! I’m half-scarecrow, half-Andy Griffith.” – Zane as Carter

What did you think of “Jack of All Trades”? Do you think Holly is still somehow trapped in the Matrix machine? Will Henry be okay with Grace leaving town (for that matter will Grace be okay)? Are Jo and Zane getting ready to take the next step?

Next week’s Eureka has the town playing war games, but what happens if the computer doesn’t realize it’s just a game? I recommend that someone teach it Tic-Tac-Toe. Make sure you check out “Worst Case Scenario”, airing next Monday, May 21 at 9 PM on SyFy.